Joan Leonardsz Blasius

Joan Leonardsz Blasius

Joan Leonardsz Blasius (Oostvliet, 13 April 1639Amsterdam, 6 December 1672) was a Dutch poet, playwright, translator and lawyer. Born near Cadzand in a village now lost to the North Sea, he was the younger brother of the famous doctor Gerhard Blasius.

Blasius in 1670 became director of the Amsterdam Municipal Theatre, the Amsterdamse Schouwburg, but because of this powerful position as well as the romantic nature of his works for the theatre, he incurred the enmity of the tradition oriented theatre company "Nil Volentibus Arduum". When he put on Plautus's "Menaechmi" in translation, that theatre company promptly came out with a translation of its own. Their attacks, however, were fiercely answered by Blasius' friends, especially Thomases Asselyn.

Blasius' work was in high repute amongst his contemporaries, but today critical opinion no longer holds it in high esteem.

His friends contributed to an "Album amicorum" for him, which incluuded work by such prominent authors as Joost van der Vondel, Constantijn Huygens, Joannes Antonides van der Goes, Jan Vos and Jacob Westerbaen.



*"Geslachtboom der Goden en Godinnen, waarachter bijgevoegde Mengeldichten" (1661)
*"Fidamants Kusjes, Minnewijsen en Bijrijmen aan Celestijne" (1663)
*"Heilige Gedachten over het avondmaal onses Heeren (naar 't Latijn van R. Kenchenius) met noch andere Bijbelstof" (1665) [an adaptation of Kenchenius' poem in Latin]


*"De Edelmoedige Vijanden" (a comedy after Scarron) (1659)
*"Lysander en Kaliste" (first part, 1660; reissued 1663; second part, 1663)
*"Dubbel en Enkkel" (a comedy after Plautus) (1670)
*"Het Huwelijk van Oroondate en Statira" (after the French) (1670)
*"De Malle Wedding" (a farce after Boisrobert) (1671).

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