Immortalist Society

Immortalist Society

The Immortalist Society is a charitable 501(c)(3) organization devoted to research and education in the areas of cryonics and life extension.


The Immortalist Society was incorporated as a Michigan corporation by Robert Ettinger and five other Michigan residents in July 1967 as the "Cryonics Society of Michigan, Inc.". In September 1976 the name of the corporation was changed to "Cryonics Association" in acknowledgement that its scope of operations was not limited to a single state. On October 20, 1985 the Articles of Incorporation were amended once more to change the name to "Immortalist Society".


All Officers of the Immortalist Society are also Directors. As of May 2008, the Immortalist Society officers were:

:*PRESIDENT: York Porter:*VICE-PRESIDENT: John Bull:*SECRETARY: Royse Brown:*TREASURER: John Besancon

John Bull is also the Editor of LONG LIFE.


Every two months the Immortalist Society publishes its flagship journal "Long Life: Longevity through Technology" (formerly "The Immortalist"), which is sent free to Members of the Cryonics Institute, but must be paid for by subscribers or Immortalist Society Members who do not join the Cryonics Institute. "Long Life" covers not only the activities of the Cryonics Institute, but activities of the American Cryonics Society and life extension news. Published six times per year, the magazine presents news, book reviews, technical articles, biographies, conference reports and other articles of interest to members.

The Immortalist Society is particularly supportive of the work of the Cryonics Institute. Donations to the Immortalist Society Research Fund are given to finance the research of Dr. Yuri Pichugin, the full-time Russian cryobiologist employed by the Cryonics Institute to develop vitrification mixture, improve perfusion protocol and find formulations to minimize cold ischemia (a concern for organ transplantation).

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