name = Geospiza

regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Aves
ordo = Passeriformes
familia = Thraupidae
genus = "Geospiza"

"Geospiza" is a genus of bird in the Thraupidae family. Sometimes classified in the bunting and American sparrow family Emberizidae, more recent studies have shown it to belong in the tanager family.It contains the following species:
* Large Cactus-finch ("Geospiza conirostris")
* Sharp-beaked Ground-finch ("Geospiza difficilis")
* Vampire Finch ("Geospiza difficilis septentrionalis")
* Medium Ground-finch ("Geospiza fortis")
* Small Ground-finch ("Geospiza fuliginosa")
* Large Ground-finch ("Geospiza magnirostris")
* Common Cactus-finch ("Geospiza scandens")

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