Blank endorsement

Blank endorsement

Blank endorsement of a financial instrument such as a check is only a signature, not indicating the payee. The effect of this is that it is payable only to the bearer.

It is "an endorsement consisting of nothing but a signature and allowing any party in possession of the endorsed item to execute a claim." [ [ Investor Words web site] ]

A blank endorsement is commonly known and accepted in the legal and business worlds. [ [] ] [ [ The Free Dictionary web site] ]

This is also called an "endorsement in blank" [ [] ] or "blank indorsement". [Gordon W. Brown and Paul A. Sukys, "Business law with U.C.C. Applications" pp. 491, 929 (McGraw-Hill, 11th ed. 2006).]

The prevalent spelling in American English is "en"dorsement; the minority convention, "in"dorsement, is found in older American documents.


ee also

*Bearer bond
*Negotiable instrument
*Promissory note

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