Roll On

Roll On

Infobox Album |
Name = Roll On
Type = studio
Artist = The Living End

Released = 2000 (Australia)
March 27, 2001 (internationally)
Recorded = July 2000 in Sing Sign Studios, Melbourne
Genre = Pub Rock, Punkabilly
Length = 47:57
Label = EMI (AUS), Reprise (World)
Producer = Nick Launay
Reviews =
*Allmusic Rating|3|5 [ link]
*Rolling Stone Rating|4|5 [ link] |
Last album = "The Living End"
This album = "Roll On"
Next album = "Modern Artillery"

"Roll On" is the second album by Australian rock band The Living End, released in Australia and New Zealand on EMI in 2000, and internationally on Reprise/Warner Brothers in 2001.

Musically, the album marked a change from the sound of their debut album, "The Living End". Roll On had a notably more polished sound (as compared to the more garage-y sound of the previous album). Horn sections featured on numerous songs, such as "Uncle Harry" and "Killing The Right". Whereas the previous album had displayed punk and rockabilly influences (by artists such as Green Day and Stray Cats), Roll On showed more Australian rock influences, particularly artists of the 80s Pub Rock era. The album was recorded with producer Nick Launay, who had previously worked with artists such as Silverchair and Midnight Oil.

It also marked the last major work featuring drummer Travis Demsey. In the downtime following the album's release and subsequent tour, he would leave the band, to be replaced by Andy Strachan. The song "Carry Me Home" from this album is featured on the Playstation 2 and Xbox 360 game, "Guitar Hero II", and is considered to be one of the hardest songs in the game.

ARIA publicised that Roll On had officially achieved 2x Platinum status in Australia in November 2007. This was a great achievement as all of their other album releases were simultaneously awarded a higher accreditation. These new figures, however, indicated that sales of Roll On had been topped by the band's fourth studio release, State Of Emergency. This now means that the Roll On album now takes the position as the band's third most successful release.

Track listing

#"Roll On" – 3:09
#"Pictures in the Mirror" – 3:18
#"Riot On Broadway" – 2:56
#"Staring At the Light" – 4:08
#"Carry Me Home" – 3:12
#"Don't Shut the Gate" – 3:04
#"Dirty Man" – 3:36
#"Blood On Your Hands" – 4:14
#"Revolution Regained" – 2:46
#"Silent Victory" – 3:35
#"Read About It" – 3:16
#"Killing the Right" – 4:21
#"Astoria Paranoia" – 3:05
#"Uncle Harry" – 3:24
#"Prisoner of Society" (Live) (US bonus track) – 4:37


*"Pictures in the Mirror", 2000 single – #18 Australia, Triple J Hottest 100, 2000 #19
*"Roll On", 2000 single – #15 Australia, Triple J Hottest 100, 2001 #72
*"Dirty Man", 2001 single
*"Carry Me Home", 2001 radio promo


Band members

*Chris Cheneyvocals, guitar
*Scott Owendouble bass, backing vocals
*Travis Demseydrums

Additional musicians

* Jack Howard – trumpet
* Aidan McArtney – trombone
* Jeremy Smith – French horn
* Butch Lee – percussion
* Cameron Baines (from Bodyjar) – backing vocals
* Grant Relf (from Bodyjar) – backing vocals
* Tom Read (from Bodyjar) – backing vocals
* Jon Toogood (from Shihad) – backing vocals
* Tom Larkin (from Shihad) – backing vocals


*Nick Launayrecord producer
* Andy Wallace – mixer

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