Peter Pan (disambiguation)

Peter Pan (disambiguation)

Peter Pan is a fantasy character created by J. M. Barrie, a magical boy who refuses to grow up.

"Peter Pan" can also refer to various works featuring the character, in a variety of media:
*"Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens", the book featuring the first appearance of the character
*"Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up", the play which first popularized the character
*"Peter Pan and Wendy", the novel based on the play
*"Peter Pan (1924 film)", the silent film based on Barrie's play
*"Peter Pan (1950 musical)", the Leonard Bernstein Broadway stage adaptation of the play
*"Peter Pan (1953 film)", the animated film by The Walt Disney Company based on the play
*"Peter Pan (1954 musical)", the Broadway stage adaptation of the play featuring Mary Martin
*"Peter Pan (2003 film)", the live-action film by P. J. Hogan based on the play
*"Peter Pan no Boken", the anime adaptation and extension of the Peter Pan story
*"Peter Pan and the Pirates", the 1990s animated TV show
*"Peter Pan in Scarlet", the authorised sequel to the novel

*Works based on Peter Pan, other adaptations and sequels
*Peter Pan's Flight, a dark ride attraction at many of the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

Other uses of the term are:
*Peter Pan (peanut butter)
*Peter Pan Records, a record label of the 1950s-70s, specializing in children's records
*Peter Pan Bus Lines, based in the northeastern United States
*Operation Peter Pan, in which children of Cuban dissidents were flown to the United States
*Peter Pan syndrome, in popular psychology
*Peterpan (band), an Indonesian musical group
*Peter Pan (horse) - several thoroughbred racehorses
*Randy Constan, a famous Peter Pan impersonator

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