Match Game (Home Game)

Match Game (Home Game)

"Match Game" is the classic home game version based on the TV version of the same name from the 60's and 70's, published by Milton Bradley from 1963 through 1978. Each version (Only the 1963 and 1973 versions) of the TV show had it's version produced with multiple editions.

"The Match Game" Home Version (1963-1969)

Milton Bradley made six editions of the NBC version starting in 1963. Each game would contain 100 perforated cards, with six questions on each card, a plastic scoreboard tray with colored pegs and chips, 6 "Scribble Boards" and crayons and a "generous supply" of wipe-off papers. After the first edition, the vinyl "scribble boards" and crayons was replaced with six "magic slates" and wooden styli.


The main object of the game is for players to simply try to write answers to questions that will "match" their partners' answers. The rules for a six player game are the same as the actual TV show (with the scoring done similarly like the TV show (you get some points for matching two, more for matching all three), but the home game also has variations for fewer players. No bonus game is included.

Special Editions

Milton Bradley also created a Fine Edition and Collector's Edition with more questions, now on slick playing cards. The magic slates enclosed in a gold-looking folder, plus a dial to keep score instead of the pegboard. The scoring and point values is just like the TV show. The only difference to the Fine and Collector's Edition is, instead of being packaged in a normal cardboard box, it comes in a nicer leatherette case which buttons shut on the front apron.

Even Milton Bradley created a "travel" version of the game

"Match Game" Home Version (1974-1978)

Starting in 1974, Milton Bradley went back to Match Game and created three more editions, now with the format based on the most famous CBS version. Each edition would contain a game board with plastic stand, two game booklets (one with instructions) with material for 92 complete games (368 Main Game Questions and 92 "Audience Match" and "Head-to-Head Match" questions), two magic slates and styli (only of the Head-to-Head portion), and play money.


Just like the 70s version, two players have two chances to match as many of the six "celebrities" as possible. Celebrity answers are printed in the booklets, and after the player gives her answer, the MC reads the celebrity responses one by one, marking correct answers on the game board. A player can get up to six matches in one game. The player with the most matches gets to play the "Super Match" round (the MC simply reads the question and the responses) for a chance to win money (with an "Audience Match" and a "Head-to-Head Match" similar to the TV show) Since the game was created before the "Star Wheel" was made in 1978, a player can win up to $5,000.


Unlike some game show adaptations, the questions and answers from the main game are the show's celebrity panelists and the SuperMatch answers are exactly as answered by the show's studio audience (as it said on the insert of the box cover) are from the actual TV show. The questions and answers for first edition were much more simple and straigh­tforward (ex: "Mary likes to look at _________ in the morning."); similar to the early episodes of the 70s version. The second edition questions were simple and straigh­tforward, but some were the start of the comical questions from the show. However, in the third edition, the questions are like the ones on TV is famous for.

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