Kid usually refers to a human child or a young goat.

Kid or Kids may also refer to: a baby goat

In broadcasting:
* KID (AM), a radio station (590 AM) licensed to serve Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA.
* KID-FM, a radio station (96.1 FM) licensed to serve Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA.

In computing and video gaming:
* Kid (Chrono Cross), a major character in the PlayStation role-playing game "Chrono Cross"
* Kid (Mario), a character in the handheld versions of the "Mario Golf" video game series
* Kid (templating language), a template engine for XML-based vocabularies written in Python
* KID, acronym of Kindle Imagine Develop, a Japanese computer game developer
* .kid, a proposed top-level domain for websites designed for children
** .kids, another proposed domain for websites designed for children
* Kid, a character in the video game "Jak II"
* KID, an abbreviation for a chess opening called the King's Indian Defence

In film:
* "Kids" (film), a 1995 movie starring Chloë Sevigny, directed by Larry Clark
* "Kid" (film), a 1991 film starring C. Thomas Howell

In literature:
* "Kid" (book), a 1992 collection of poems by Simon Armitage
* "Kids" (1970s magazine), a children's magazine published in the early 1970s
* "Kids" (2000s magazine), a children's magazine published in the mid-2000s by Martha Stewart

In music:
* Kid (rapper), Christopher "Kid" Reid, half of American hip hop duo Kid 'n Play
* "Kid" (song), a song by The Pretenders from their 1980 album "Pretenders"
* "Kids" (song), a song by Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue
* "Kids" (MGMT song)
* "Kids" (Jamiroquai song)
* "Kids" (The Concretes song)
* "Kids", song from the 1958 Broadway musical "Bye Bye Birdie"

In medicine:
* KID, a domain of the transcription factor CREB
* KID syndrome, a rare hereditary condition characterized by keratitis, ichthyosis, and deafness

In organizations:
*Kids (charity), a British charity for disabled children

In television:
* "Kids" ("House" episode), an episode of the television series "House"
* "Kids" (Serial Experiments Lain episode), an episode of the anime "Serial Experiments Lain"

See also

* "Chad Gadya" (English: "One Kid"), a traditional Jewish Passover song
* The Kid (disambiguation)
* Kidd (disambiguation)
* Kidding

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