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Gataka is Matan Kadosh a psychedelic trance artist from Afula in the northern part of Israel. Matan started playing psytrance at the age of 15 and has immense experience under his belt. He is a part of the popular psytrance project Sesto Sento along with Aviram Saharai and Itai Spector, both from Afula also.

Popular tracks by Gataka are 'Disco Jockey' (with Patrick) and 'Isralizer'.

Along with other psytrance artists like Panick, Dynamic, Melicia, and Nissimyani, Gataka forms Phonokol Record's excellent artist team. His first album 'Drop The Mask' came out in 2003 and was greeted with enthusiasm. It was a showcase of Matan's part groovy, part funky, part twisted, and all psytrancy style. Tracks like 'Boomby Boom' and 'Let It Beat' brought great variation to the dance floors.

In September 2004 Gataka's second album 'Home Made Madness' was released . Tracks like 'Tribeadelic' (With Liquid Head) and 'Disko Jockey' (With Patrick) were instant hits and have frequently featured in various compilations since then. The album also featured Gataka's own mix of 'Dive To Drive', a track by Sesto Sento. Home Made Madness sealed Matan's growing reputation.

Continuing his trend of an album a year, Matan came firing from all cylinders in October 2005 with 'In Trance We Trust', his best so far. The album contains mainly full on morning psytrance but there is awesome variation in them and each track offers something fresh. 'Weird 60s' (feat. Gabriel and Stivo) with its live guitar and drums also brings in some rock influence. Other tracks like 'Deeper Level' (With Aquatica) and 'The Mind Twister' (feat. Johana) would please any psytrance lover. 'Blast From The Past' and 'How To Create A Monster' have also featured in other compilations like Raja Ram's Godfather. The feel and beat of 'Isralizer' establishes Gataka where he is today: at the top.

In June 2004 Matan also brought out a compiled mix titled 'The Next Generation' which features top of the line psytrance architects.

The futuristic sound and beautiful melodies continues in 2007 when 'Bless The Mess', a new album comes out. Again mainly full on morning psytrance sound that represents the most modern psytrance sound from Israel. Album consists of 10 tracks, and one track 'Bring that beat back' is a mix of classic, very different, funky and groovy Gataka styles and that way differs a lot from the other tracks of the album.

Over the years Gataka has collaborated with various artists like Aquatica, Apocalipse, Rinkadink, Liquid Head, Amfibia, Patrick, and Visual Paradox to name a few. He is loved for the variation he brings in his tracks along with his trademark basses which go from groovy to funky to dark to full on psytrance.


*Drop The Mask (Phonokol 2003)
*Home Made Madness (Phonokol 2004)
*In Trance We Trust (Phonokol 2005)
*Bless The Mess (Phonokol 2007)

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