Zero Tolerance (video game)

Zero Tolerance (video game)

Infobox VG| title = Zero Tolerance

developer = Technopop
publisher = Accolade
released = vgrelease|North America|NA|1994
vgrelease|PAL region|PAL|1994
genre = First-person shooter
modes = Single player, multiplayer
ratings = VRC: MA-13
ELSPA: 15+
platforms = Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
media = cartridge
input = Game controller
followed by = Beyond Zero Tolerance

"Zero Tolerance" is a 1994 video game developed by Technopop and published by Accolade in 1994 for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis console.

"Zero Tolerance" was one of the few Mega Drive/Genesis first person shooters. Due to the limitations of the hardware, the game environment was restricted to a fraction of the screen, the rest of the screen functioned as the player's HUD. On the other hand, it featured interesting visual effects, like animated wall textures, blood running down walls, blood that would fly through the air, and rudimentary sloped floors.

"Zero Tolerance" was a commercial success, selling over 215,000 copies in the USA alone. This game, as well as its unfinished sequel, has been deemed by the developer (now defunct) as [ publicly distributable] .


"Zero Tolerance" is made up of 40 levels spanning three separate areas: the space station Europe-1, the central command building for the Planet Defense Corps, and the sub-basement areas of that building. The object of the game is to kill all of the enemies on a level and then proceed to the exit, which is either a staircase or elevator leading down to the next level. However, nothing prevents the player from heading straight towards the exit without killing all of the enemies. If this is done, the player is simply not given any passwords until the entire area is finished.


"Zero Tolerance" features multiple characters from which the player can choose to play. There are six characters, each one being a member of the Planet Defense Corps. Each one has a unique ability which has a slight effect on gameplay, as well as different items they start with at the beginning of the game.

Curiously, all characters are named after the game's developers.

* Captain Saote Ishii: Also known as "Soba," Ishii is the group's expert marksman. When playing as her, the player gains the benefit of having more accurate shots that deal just slightly more damage than average. According to her information card within the game, she can "...consistently hit a 2 cm target at 100 meters. Accuracy at such targets is 100 out of 100."

* Captain Scott Haile: Haile's codename is "Psycho," and being the group's demolition expert, it's easy to see why. (He receives less splash damage when handling explosives, hand grenades can be thrown further as well) He has had training in explosive ordnance, demolition, ballistics, and bomb defusal. He starts out with pistol (6 shots) and 2 mines.

* Major Justin Wolf: Wolf's codename is "JJWolf." As the medical expert of the group, he is able to get more out of the health kits the player finds within the games (+ 40 per medipack, instead of the +20 per medipack). He is also an expert with a pistol. He starts out with the pistol (6 shots).

* Major Yavuz Kiremit: Kiremit's codename is "Y2K," and as the infiltration expert, he was able to lead the team into basement and roof levels that would have previously been inaccessible. He has training in using the Pulse Laser and is especially effective against Alien Spiders.

* Major Tony Ramos: Tony "Weasel" Ramos is an infiltration and hand to hand combat expert. As such, he offers stronger melee attacks than the other characters.

* Major Thomas Gjoerup: Gjoerup's codename is "Basse." He is the group's surveillance system and electronics expert. Electronic items available in the game will last longer when using him. He also starts out with a shotgun (6 shots) and a bio scanner.

In A different version of the game, A player named "Soba" is included, instead of Yavuz Kiremit. (The original sega genesis version)

* Captain Satoe Ishii: Ishii's Codename is "Soba." She is a specialist in communications and radio, She is also a highly accurate marksman and the best all around. She also Starts out with a pistol (6 shots) and the bullet proof vest.

Note: When a player starts the game, they only get to pick one of the above characters, and cannot switch in-game until their character was killed. They would then have to choose one from the remaining characters. Thus the game was only fully over when all 6 characters were killed. In effect, during the game, the player only gets 6 extra-lives.

Weapons and Items

"Zero Tolerance" contains a healthy selection of weapons. Each one is different and offers its own set of pros and cons. During gameplay, additional weapons can be picked up simply by walking over them as in other first-person shooters. To equip a weapon, the C button is pressed until the desired weapon is selected from the list of inventory items at the top of the HUD.

* Hand to Hand Combat: The most basic weapon of the game is your character's own punches and kicks. Selecting an empty item slot on the HUD and hitting the attack button causes the character to throw a punch. This can be modified by holding Up or Down on the D-pad, which will produce either an upper cut or a kick, respectively. Hand to hand combat is really meant to be a last alternative in the game.

* Pistol: The pistol offers you a basic projectile weapon. Ammo for it is plentiful, although it is weaker than other weapons.

* Shotgun: This weapon offers the advantage of increased power and easier aiming on the player's part. Like the pistol, ammo for the shotgun is easily found throughout the game.

* Flame thrower: Useful in creating a wall of fire that can stop a wave of enemies. There are a few drawbacks with the flame thrower, however. First, the ammo supply tends to be drained quickly, and flame throwers aren't as common in the game as other weaponry. On top of this, it is difficult to aim with this weapon.

* Pulse Laser: The pulse laser is a cross between a rifle and a laser gun. It fires invisible laser bolts in short bursts. The advantage of this weapon is that it is extremely effective against boss enemies. Unfortunately, it is not a common item in the game.

* Grenades: Much like their real-life counterparts, grenades are explosive devices which are thrown at enemies. They have a splash damage effect and are useful for clearing out smaller rooms.

* Rocket launcher: Fires an explosive missile. Like the grenades, these missiles also have a splash damage effect.

* Laser Aimed Gun: This is essentially an automatic pistol with a laser sight attached to it. It fires in short bursts rather than a single shot. Although it does not appear in the first area of the game, it is quite common in the second and third areas.

* Mine: This explosive weapon is difficult to find on the game but can prove very useful if being chased by multiple enemies. A mine can be left anywhere on the floor and will be detonated whenever an enemy walks over it. Like the granades and rocket launcher each mine has a certain amount of splash damage which is useful for clearing groups.

* Medi-Pack: This item restores the health of the player when damage is taken from enemies. It's effectiveness can be based on the particular skills of the character chosen by the player.

* Bullet-Proof Vest: Every so often a player may come across a bullet-proof vest. This item will shield the player from damage from enemies but only for 10 hits. It cannot be replenished by a medi-pack.

* Bio-Scanner: This item will allow players to see all the enemies on the radar without having to actually trigger their attack. This can be very useful for tight corridors where the player will be able to tell how many enemies are waiting ahead and where. However, this item does have a limited battery-life.

* Night Vision Goggles: On some levels of Zero Tolerance the distance of the map can appear misty and gray reducing vision into the distance. When a player picks up night vision goggles, this effect will be reduced. The view goes from full colour to green and black, and enemies can be seen more clearly at greater distances. However, this item has a limited battery life.

* Torch: Again, on some levels the distance of the map may appear dark and black. However, with the torch equipped the distance seen is increased, making it easier to spot enemies further away. However, this item does have a limited battery life.

* Fire Extinguisher: Areas on Zero Tolerance are sometimes blocked off by fire, when equipped the fire extinguisher can clear a path through the fire. Also note that when a player comes into contract with fire it will drain health regardless of whether or not the player has the Bullet-Proof Vest equipped.


Any enemy can be killed with one shot in the game except the bosses. Using a marksman gives you the ability to shoot at much farther range, and killing with one shot. At longer ranges with out the marksman it will take more shots depending on the gun.

* Humanoid Aliens These guys are armed with rifles. They are either red or white. They are the first and easiest enemy you fight in the game. When killed you can roll over their carcasses for ammo, and will receive handgun ammo for each carcass you roll over, ranging from 2-5 bullets.

* Alien SpidersNicknamed as "Hydacas" Its simple to understand why, when first spotted, this is whats heard on their part. They can be incredibly fiesty, and annoying, espcially in large groups. They have the ability to walk on the walls and the ceiling while chasing you, The only attack method is melee "biting".

* Security DronesAn armed sentry drone with a laser aimed gun as its primary and only weapon. With this particular enemy, they usually will not come charging for you, if you spot them while they're patroling. They usually patrol in a line formation, commonly with 2+ other drones, its quite rare to find a lone sentry drone. When rolling over their carcass, you will receive ammo for the laser aimed gun, ranging from 2-4 bullets.

* Zombie corpsOnce a corps soldier fighting with you. These guys are now fighting against you. Armed with a rifle and grenades. They will rarely throw grenades if they do at all. Once killed you will either receive laser aimed gun ammo ranging from 2-4 bullets, or hand grenades, ranging from 1-3 grenades.

* Alien TrooperArmed just like the zombie corps, But are definitely not human, I guess their two toes give that away. They are not as common as the zombie corps, but are lot more annoying, they will most likely always throw a grenade at you, especially when your running away from them. They also will give you same types of ammo when killed.

* Security CameraThese cameras are not armed with weaponry, but they alert the enemies near the camera of your presence. Once the camera spots you, it will give off a warning beep. They will continue to make this noise, for about five seconds, until the alert has been sounded off. Which should be enough time to jump and shoot these cameras off the ceiling.

* DogsRed looking dogs that are quite fast and can be quite annoying and lethal. Once spotted, they will charge in your direction almost immediately. The attack method, is like a bull, they will hit you once, which will throw you across an area, and suprising runaway to a safe distance, and try again.

* AliensThese things one of the last enemies your introduced to. They have distinct look, like average humanoid sized shaped bug. Their only attack method is using their claws.

Link Cable Support

The game supported connecting two Mega Drives via a special link cable using the second joypad ports for a multiplayer mode. The cable was originally supposed to be shipped along with the game. However this was changed in a last-minute decision and a coupon for ordering a free cable was added instead.

Legal attriction with Eidos

In October 2005, Eidos Interactive announced a game titled "Zero Tolerance: City Under Fire" for PS2 and Xbox; Technopop's former president and owner of its assets, Randel B. Reiss, promptly sued them for copyright infringement. As a result, Eidos' game was renamed "".

Reiss also revealed that an updated version of "Zero Tolerance" was being developed for the PSP; however, there were no further announcements regarding this title since then.

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