Emma (disambiguation)

Emma (disambiguation)

Emma may refer to:


* "Emma", novel by Jane Austen
* "Emma", fragment of a novel by Charlotte Brontë
* "Emma" (play), play by Howard Zinn
* "Emma, a novel by F. W. Kenyon"

Television and film

* "Emma" (1932 film), 1932 film directed by Clarence Brown
* Emma Webster, a widow in the 1953 Looney Tunes animated short "Hare Trimmed," given her last name in the 1965 short, "Corn on the Cop," better known as "Granny"
* "Emma" (1972 TV serial), United Kingdom television programme
* "Emma" (1996 film), romantic comedy made in 1996 based on the beloved novel by Jane Austen
* "Emma" (1996 TV film), British television film


* Emma (band), Swedish Girl group
* "Emma" (song), 1974 song by Hot Chocolate
* Emma (singer), Welsh singer
* "Emma", a song by Alkaline Trio from their 2003 album "Good Mourning"
* Emma-gaala, a Finnish music award


* Emma (manga), a manga by Kaoru Mori and the adapted Japanese animated series
* Emma Frost, Marvel comic book character
* Emma Gilbert in H2O: Just Add Water


* Yama (Buddhism and Chinese mythology), Buddhist god of death, also known as Enma
* Saint Emma, name of several saints


* Emma of Normandy, twice Queen consort of the Kingdom of England by marriage
* Emma of Waldeck and Pyrmont, Queen consort of William III of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg
* Queen Emma of Hawaii, queen to King Kamehameha IV from 1856 to his death in 1863

People with the given name "Emma"

* Emma (name)


* Emmanuel College, Cambridge, one of the colleges of the University of Cambridge which is often abbreviated to Emma
* 283 Emma, large main belt asteroid
* Emma, Indiana, a community in the United States
* Emma, Missouri, a small city in the United States
* EMMA (code coverage tool), a Java code coverage tool
* Emma La polilla fashion, a well-known advertisement for Levi's in Argentina
* HMS "Queen Emma", commando troop ship of the Royal Navy during the Second World War
* EMMA, the Ethnic Minority Media Awards
* EMMA (accelerator), the Electron Machine with Many Applications
* EMMA (journal), a German feminist journal, published by Alice Schwarzer
* EMMA (museum), a modern arts museum in Espoo, Finland
* Emma (storm), a European windstorm in March 2008
* Typhoon Emma (disambiguation), several tropical cyclones in the northwest Pacific Ocean
* Electronic Municipal Market Access system (EMMA), an on-line source for municipal securities information

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