CRD (disambiguation)

CRD (disambiguation)

CRD may stand for

*CRD Records, record label

*Capital Regional District, sub-provincial administrative district encompassing Greater Victoria, British Columbia and environs
*Capstone requirements document, United States Military document
*Centre for Reviews and Dissemination, health research institute based at the University of York
*Cock Rock Disco, record label
*Conservative Research Department, central part of the organisation of the Conservative Party (UK)

*Capital Requirements Directive, the European Union adoption of Basel II
*Central Registration Depository, tracking code used by NASDAQ to identify financial service centers and their employees
*Common Rail Diesel, a diesel engine employing a common rail fuel injection system
*Completely randomized design, experimental design format in which all data are viewed as a random sample from a normal distribution
*Correctable Read Data error, warning that error-correcting code has been used to correct a hardware problem with RAM or PCI bus
*Central Research Department, major research arm of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

*'.crd' is the filename extension for a text file containing guitar chords
*Carbohydrate Recognition Domain, of the C-type lectins
* CRD is the ICAO airline designator for Air Corridor, Mozambique

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