Vulcan may refer to:


*Vulcan (mythology), the blacksmith god of fire and volcanoes in Roman mythology
**Hephaestus, the Greek god of smiths identified with Vulcan
* Vulcan statue, the world's largest cast-iron statue (of the god) and the city symbol of Birmingham, Alabama


* Vulcan (Star Trek), a science-fictional humanoid race in "Star Trek".
** Vulcan (Star Trek planet), the home planet of the Vulcans
** "Vulcan!", a 1978 Star Trek novel by Kathleen Sky
* Vulcan (DC Comics), a character from DC Comics
* Vulcan (Marvel Comics), a character in the Marvel Comics universe
* "Vulcan" (comic), an Ipc Comic produced in England from 1975-1976
* Vulcan 2 and 3, artificial intelligences in "Vulcan's Hammer"


* Vulcan, Alberta, Canada
** Vulcan Airport
** RCAF Station Vulcan, a Commonwealth and RCAF training station, closed in April 1945
* Vulcan, Romania, in Hunedoara County in the Jiu Valley
* Vulcan, Braşov, also in Romania in Braşov County
* Vulcan, Michigan, United States
* Vulcan, Missouri, United States
* Vulcan (volcano), a volcano in Papua New Guinea


* Vulcan (cars), an automobile manufacturer based in Southport, England
* Vulcan Corporation, a materials manufacturing company in Clarksville, Tennessee
* Vulcan Foundry, a former British locomotive builder
* Vulcan Iron Works, a former United States locomotive builder
* Vulcan Materials Company, a construction materials company headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama
* Vulcan Inc., an investment company formed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen
* Vulcan Software, a British computer game company



* Avro Vulcan, a British delta-winged, subsonic, bomber airplane
* Vickers Vulcan, a single-engined biplane of the 1920s

Land vehicles

* Ford Vulcan engine, a 3.0L V6 automobile engine
* Kawasaki Vulcan, a series of cruiser-type motorcycles
* NZR RM class (Vulcan), a former type of railroad car found in preservation in New Zealand
* Vulcan (1874-1892), one of the ten South Devon Railway Buffalo class steam locomotives
* Vulcan (1951-1967), one of the BR 'Britannia' Class locomotives

Water vehicles

* "Vulcan (barge)", an iron-hulled boat
* "HMS Vulcan", one of several RN ships or boats
* "USS Vulcan", one of several USN ships or boats


* M167 Vulcan, a towed, short-range. air-defense Gatling gun
* M61 Vulcan, a 20mm six-barreled Gatling gun
* M163 VADS (Vulcan Air Defense System), a self-propelled, air-defense, Gatling gun
* Vulcan M-11-9, a semi-automatic, closed-bolt pistol manufactured by Vulcan Armament

Other uses

* Vulcan (hypothetical planet), a hypothetical planet between Mercury and the Sun
* Vulcan (programming language), a programming language, now known as dBase
* "Vulcan" (EP), an EP by Snake River Conspiracy
* The Vulcans, George W. Bush's foreign policy advisory team for the 2000 U.S. election
* "The Vulcan", a magazine from various organizations within the Young Fine Gael
* Vulcan laser, a laser at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Chilton, Oxfordshire
* Vulcan of the alchemists, the patron deity associated with Paracelsian alchemy
* Operation "Vulcan", Allied action in Tunisia during World War II
* Birmingham Vulcans, a 1975 World Football League team
* California Vulcans, the sports teams of California University of Pennsylvania
* The Vulcans, the University of Hawaii at Hilo's athletic teams

See also

* Volcano
* Vulcana, a Welsh female bodybuilder
* Vulcano, a small volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea
* Vulcanair, an Italian based manufacturer of light twin-engined aircraft that took over Partenavia
* Stettiner Vulcan AG, a former shipyard in Hamburg, Germany
* Vulcanoid asteroid
* Vulcanization, a chemical process to improve the strength and durability of rubber
* Black Vulcan, a fictional African American superhero on the animated series "Super Friends"
* Vulcan Raven, a character in "Metal Gear Solid"

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