SDLP Youth

SDLP Youth

SDLP Youth is the youth group of the Northern Ireland political party the Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP). It is organised throughout Northern Ireland and plays an active role within the SDLP. It consists of party members aged 30 and under and is entitled to representation on the central Executive. Among its members are included councillors and party officers.


*Peter Armstrong- Chair
*Katherine McCloskey- Vice-Chair
*John O'Doherty- Secretary
*Aisling Twomey-O'Connor- Treasurer
*Liam McNulty- Public Relations Officer
*Michelle Byrne- Universities & Colleges
*Shane Boyle- Campaigns


Current campaigns include:
* One President, One Island, One Vote- aimed at securing a vote for northern residents in Irish Presidential elections
* Working to abolish the political protocol at the University of Ulster which bans political organisation on campus
* Opposition to university fees
* Student Safety & Welfare
* Fairtrade Further
* Anti-Slave Labour
* Workers' Rights
* Supporting the Irish Language
* Opposition to cluster munitions

Past activities have included a campaign urging the closure of the Sellafield Nuclear Power Station in Cumbria, and a campaign called One Island, One Currency urging greater acceptance of the euro in Northern Ireland, through the establishment of a dual currency zone.


As social democrats, SDLP Youth has strong European and [ international] relations with fellow socialists. It plays an active role in many political debates, events and festivals including the IUSY World Festival, and IFM Winterschool. SDLP Youth's current logo, launched in September 2007, incorporates the symbolism of the party's main international affiliations i.e. a red rose being held in a hand (Socialist International) and a star (Party of European Socialists), to reflect its social democratic outlook.

Former Chairs

*Peter Armstrong (2008-)
*Gary McKeown (April 2007-2008)
*Claire Hanna (February-April 2007)
*John O'Doherty (2005-2007)
*Thomas O'Hanlon (2004-2005)

External links

* [ Official SDLP Youth Website]

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