1990 in video gaming

1990 in video gaming


Notable releases

* Bonk's Adventure is released for the TurboGrafx-16 and is the first US appearance of Bonk, the TG-16 mascot.
* Namco releases "Kyuukai Douchuuki", "World Stadium '90", "Final Lap 2", "Pistol Daimyo no Bouken", which is a spin-off from "Berabow Man", "Souko Ban Deluxe", "Dragon Saber", "Rolling Thunder 2", "Steel Gunner" and "Golly! Ghost!" They also develop the unreleased prototype, "Puzzle Club".
* February 12 — Nintendo releases the NES game "Super Mario Bros. 3" in North America. It sells 17.28 million copies, making it the best-selling stand-alone video game of all time.
* November 21 — Nintendo releases "Super Mario World" and "F-Zero" in Japan as launch titles for the Super Famicom (released for the SNES in North America in August 1991). "Super Mario World" introduced the character, Yoshi.
* July 12 Nintendo of America publishes "Final Fantasy" for the Nintendo Entertainment System in North America. This game started Square's popular and long-running "Final Fantasy" series.
* Konami releases "Snake's Revenge", a sequel to the popular "Metal Gear". "Snake's Revenge" was produced specifically for the North American and European markets, without the involvement of Hideo Kojima, the creator of "Metal Gear". Kojima, who originally did not plan on producing a sequel to "Metal Gear", is convinced to produce a proper sequel to the game in light of the intensely negative critical and fan reaction to "Snake's Revenge". His sequel, "", is released later in the year. Though "Solid Snake" releases only in Japanese territories, many aspects of the game are incorporated into the next game in the series, "Metal Gear Solid", which is a massive critical and commercial success not only in Japan but also in North America and Europe.
* Sega releases the "R-360" arcade game, featuring the first 3D - 360° gameplay that physically rotated the real world player.
* Origin releases "" and the first "Wing Commander" game.
* Sid Meier's "Railroad Tycoon", the first of the "Tycoon" games, is released by MicroProse.
* December 14 — "Commander Keen" is released as shareware. John Carmack's smooth-scrolling graphics engine helps it become the first major platformer on a PC.
* Capcom releases "Mega Man III" for NES, introducing the characters Rush and Proto Man, Mega Man's slide, and Capcom's character cameos.
* Infogrames releases "Alpha Waves", the first 3D platform game.


* Camerica releases Codemasters' Game Genie adapter in Canada and the UK (In the USA, it was released by Galoob).
* NEC releases the TurboExpress handheld console.
* Nintendo releases the Super Famicom 16-bit console in Japan.
* SNK releases the Neo Geo Advanced Entertainment System (AES) home console.
* October 6 — Sega Game Gear released in Japan, launched in North America in 1991 and Europe and Australia in 1992.
* November 30 — Sega's Mega Drive released in Europe.
* Amstrad halts production of the ZX Spectrum, formally bringing to an end that platform's 8-year dominance of the UK home computer market.


* Nintendo v. Color Dreams lawsuit: Nintendo sues Color Dreams over unlicensed production of Nintendo video games.
* THQ Inc.: Toy Head-Quarters merges with Trinity Acquisition Corporation.
* New companies: Eidos plc, Team17 Software Limited, Natsume Co., Ltd.

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