Kamen Rider Agito (character)

Kamen Rider Agito (character)

is the primary protagonist character of the 2001 Kamen Rider series, "Kamen Rider Agito". He is the 2nd of the Heisei Kamen Riders to possess many forms. Though a term relating to anyone who exhibits similar traits, "Agito" is based on the Latin word for "I engage in motion", referring to the Kamen Rider's evolutionary nature.

hōichi Tsugami

nihongo|Shōichi Tsugami|津上 翔一|Tsugami Shōichi is a young man with no memory of his past and is living with the Misugi family. A generous, simple, all around nice guy, Shōichi's ideal ideal life is to just work in his garden and please his foster family. He fights as AgitΩ due to the Unknown being somewhat tied to his forgotten past.

Fictional character biography

His real name was nihongo|Tetsuya Sawaki|沢木 哲也|Sawaki Tetsuya, the younger brother of Yukina Sawaki whom fell in love with the real Shōichi Tsugami. Yukina and Tsugami participated in a research study conducted by Prof. Kazuya (Mana's father) on human paranormal abilities. Yukina found herself as the subject for the study as she possessed such capabilities. The two pursued a romantic relationship, but as her powers matured (showing evidence of her awakening as an AgitΩ), she committed suicide. After hearing of his sister's suicide, Tetsuya attempted to contact Tsugami, with his search leading him aboard the Akatsuki. Unaware at the time that Tsugami himself had committed suicide, Tetsuya searched for him to no avail. Instead, he discovers the lifeless body of a young man, who eventually reveals himself as the Overlord of Light. The deity, sensing his brother had sent one of his emissaries to the boat, awakened Tetsuya as the second AgitΩ before vanishing, just as the El of Water arrives. The El assaults Tetsuya, sensing his churning power, but just as the final blow was about to be dealt, Tetsuya transformed into AgitΩ for the first time. The ensuing battle ended with Tetsuya being tossed overboard, where he was labeled "lost-at-sea" by the authorities. But, Tetsuya had survived and washed ashore but was left with amnesia. He would be found by a trio of schoolgirls and brought to the hospital to be cared for by Dr. Higashi Kunieda, and going by the name on letter in his possession, he assumed the alias of Shōichi Tsugami, who had died at the time.

Now Shōichi, Tetsuya would be placed under Dr. Kunieda's care for some time until he was transferred to Misugi. There he would live a quiet, somewhat normal life, with no cares of whether he'll remember his past or not. That was until the presence of the Jaguar Lord Panthras Letus re-awakened him as AgitΩ. However, Shōichi was in a feral state of mind at the time, attacking G3 only to regain himself before he could land the deathblow. The incident left Shouchi fearful about the changes, but the fact he has a place he belonged to gave him the courage to use his newfound power to protect those he befriended, with Mana the only one in the Misugi household to know of Shōichi's transformation. By accident, Shōichi cross paths with Tomoko Miura, one of the Akatsuki's surving members who later called him to meet her the next day at East Park for the answers he's looking for. However, due to Tomoko being murdered, Shōichi never meet her, resulting in with him being arrested on the charge of her murder until he was eventually cleared when Mana pointed Hikawa to the actual culprit, the Overlord.

On the day of Mana's birthday, Shōichi attempts to protect her from the Scorpion Lord Leiurus Acutia, only to be poisoned as a result. Fortunately, he was cured in time and eventually kills the Unknown. Later on, by chance, Shōichi momentarily recovers his memory after his fall into the reservoir during his battle with Gills, recovering a large portion of his memories and facing Tetsuya. The recovered memories were enough for Shōichi to access his Trinity Form but eventually his amnesia returned before he could make any progress. After countless battles, Shōichi would come face-to-face once again with the El of the Water, who stalked him at every juncture. The anxiety and fear of confronting his 'killer' ultimately broke his fighting spirit. But with the help of Mana, Shōichi would rekindled his bravery and assume the fervorous Burning Form and defeat the El.

Couping with his constantly evolving powers proved difficult at first. When his old caretaker, Dr. Kunieda, came to pay a visit Shōichi transformed into AgitΩ Burning Form, losing his composure in a fit of rage, and inadvertently attacks Dr. Kunieda. The shame of the accident weighed heavy on Shōichi's soul as he fell into self-loathing, sulking over his actions. But thanks to Dr. Kunieda's tough love, he was able to cast his shame aside and arise to embrace his existence as an AgitΩ. Dr. Kunieda's words served as a reminder to stay true to himself and the value of his life, which gave him the clarity of mind and heart to achieve Shining Form and defeat the Beetle Lord. This new conviction and form would prove essential when the El of the Water returns more powerful than before. Its presence enabled Shōichi to recover his memory and, in their final encounter, finally destroy his nemesis once and for all.

Sometime after, he bumps into his old cooking teacher, Kurabuto, who offered a job to work in his restaurant. With supernatural murders at a low, Shōichi takes the job under his mentor. While working there, he meets Kana, a distant recussive young lady who dreams of succeeding as a chef in honor of her father. But Kana begins showing signs a becoming an AgitΩ herself. Unable to comprehend the change, she tries to commit suicide, much like Shōichi's sister. History begins to repeat itself, with Shōichi holding onto Kana for dear life. But just as he is about to give up, Tetsuya Sawaki, the real Shōichi Tsugami and Yukina's resurrected former lover, comes to his aid and helps Shōichi pull Kana to safety; while simultaneously redeeming himself for not saving Yukina from the same fate long ago. In the series epilogue, after defeating the Overlord of Darkness, Shōichi opens his own restaurant named the Agito.

Rider Form Data

tatistics & Performance Data

Statistical DataGround FormStorm FormFlame FormTrinity FormBurning FormShining Form
Head height:195 centimeters----------
Base weight:95 kilograms----------
Punching power:7t (norm.); 15t (max.)7t (left); 3t (right)5t (left); 10t (right)7t (left); 10t (right)25t25t
Kicking power:15t5t7t15t15t45t
Highest jump:30m (broad)50m (broad)20m (broad)50m (broad)15m (broad)75m (broad)
Top speed:100m/5s100m/4.5s100m/5.5s100m/4.5s100m/6s100m/4s
Vision:10 km approx.10 km approx.30 km approx.30 km approx.30 km approx.35 km approx.
Hearing:10 km approx.10 km approx.30 km approx.30 km approx.30 km approx.35 km approx.
Defense Rating:67881010

Ground Form, The Golden Transcendental Body

:The Ground Form [http://img393.imageshack.us/img393/8481/631ecdfcfy3.jpg. Page 62 of the "Masked Rider AGITΩ Hybrid File" mook confirms AGITΩ's first form as being named "Ground Form" not "Grand Form".] [http://img339.imageshack.us/img339/4194/s0582c2082wz5.jpg. Page 57 of the S.I.C. Super Collection Hobby Japan Mook further confirms "Ground Form" as the official name of AGITΩ's first form .] is the first of AgitΩ's numerous forms. This form harnesses the power of the earth, turning its entire body into a lethal weapon, with bone-crushing blows and crippling locks. Of all the forms, the golden Ground Form is the most balanced, with power, speed and strength working in harmony to make the most of its capabilities. At its peak, the crest horns upon his head opens, pushing all of AgitΩ’s capabilities to their fullest.

torm Form, The Azure Transcendental Spirit

:The second form of AgitΩ, triggered when Shōichi activated the left switch on the Alter Ring, 'opening' the “Blue Dragon’s Eye.” The blue “Storm Form“ harnesses the the power of wind through the left arm, and imparts the form with supernatural agility and reflexes. The most nimble of forms, Storm AgitΩ maneuvers with such swiftness and cunning that its movements parallel foresight. This form also carries a signature Storm Halberd--a folding double-bladed pole arm that serves as AgitΩ‘s primary means of attack while in Storm Form. But, however superior in overall speed and agility, the Storm Form is by far the weakest in comparison to the other forms, in terms of power and strength.

Flame Form, The Crimson Transcendental Senses

:The third of AgitΩ's forms to be revealed, triggered by activating the right switch on the Alter Ring, 'opening' the “Red Dragon’s Eye.” The searing power of flame flows through the right arm and blesses the red body of the Flame Form with incredible strength. Aside from its apparent superiority in the areas of power and defense, the Flame Form possesses phenomenal heightened senses; His sense have increased to point where an enemy's presence, whether distant, hidden and/or invisible to the naked eye, can be detected with frightening precision. Also this form has exclusive access to the Flame Saber.

Trinity Form, The Trinity Warrior

:In the brief instance when he was able to recover his memory, Shōichi revealed the power to invoke a new level of transformation; A ‘trinity’ of the Ground, Storm and Flame forms possessing extraordinary properties. This form's capabilities, a combination of all three, harnesses the strongest qualities of AgitΩ’s powers. In this form, AgitΩ can wield both Storm Halberd and Flame Saber of the Storm and Flame Forms, respectively. Unfortunately, when Shōichi once again loses his memory, the power of the Trinity Form was sealed away. But by this time, he was able to route the forces of the Dark Army and the Crow Queen Lord using the Trinity Form's awesome powers.

Burning Form, The Vigorous Warrior Burning with Hellfire

:Known as "the power awakening to infinite possibilities," born when Shōichi learned to channel his fighting spirit into power. The transition was rough on Shōichi's body, as he was virtually incapacitated during the emergence of this new power. But as they manifest, the nature of the power became clear; and it is one not easily controlled. The Burning Form amplifies the AgitΩ's fury and translates that into power; meaning the greater his rage, the more roily the power of the Burning Form became. His signature weapon, the Shining Caliber, is a dual-bladed weapon capable of two modes: "Single Mode", as a dual-blade sword and "Twin Mode", as paired blades. Burning Form uses the "Single Mode" exclusively. Shōichi was never truly able to manage such untamed power.

hining Form, Awakening through the Shining Light

:Known as the "evolution of infinite possibilities" awakened by the light of the sun. It was an evolution unlike anything ever anticipated by the Over Lord, born when Shōichi learned to master his power in Burning Form, molting into a more powerful form. Although the power of his fist remain unchanged, all other attributes are pushed to their peak, making this AgitΩ's greatest form. In Shining Form, AgitΩ wields the Shining Caliber in "Twin Mode" as paired blades.

Rider Finishers

Ground Form Finishers

:;Rider Kick::With his crest horns open, Shōichi draws in the AgitΩ Power of the Ground, emanating beneath his feet, into his legs. This multiplies the weight of his kick, striking the enemy with a jump kick of incredible raw power and force; possesses approx. 30 tons of force.:;Rider Brake::AgitΩ air-brakes the speeding Machine Tornader (in Slider Mode) and catapults himself at the enemy, using the added momentum to up the power behind the follow-up Rider Kick; possesses approx. 50 tons of force.:;Dragon's Breath::AgitΩ careens towards the enemy and mows them down with the side of the Machine Tornader (in Slider Mode); approx. 25 tons of force.:;Rider Punch::AgitΩ only do this once. This Rider Punch seems to be weaker version of Burning Form's Burning Rider Punch.

torm Form Finishers

:;Halberd Spin::With the Storm Halberd fully opened, AgitΩ whips up a powerful gale by twirling the Storm Halberd at rapid speeds, blowing away everything in the general vicinity, and gaining swing-momentum for a finishing strike.:;Halberd Brake::AgitΩ catapults himself off a speeding Machine Tornader (in Slider Mode) and uses the added momentum to up the penetrating power of the Storm Halberd; possesses approx. 30t of force.

Flame Form Finishers

:;Saber Slash::With the Flame Saber's 'Flame Horns' opens, the AgitΩ Power is concentrated onto its blade, allowing it to slash through the enemy with one blinding-fast stroke. Any enemy cut will catch on fire and be reduced to ash; possesses approx. 30t of force.:;Saber Brake::AgitΩ ups the slicing power of the Flame Saber with a catapult attack off the Machine Tornader (Slider Mode), slashing through them with a blinding-fast sword swipe.:;Double Saber Slash::AgitΩ wields an additional Flame Saber in concert with the other in a double saber-stroke attack, slashing through the enemy with both blades aflame. Used only once in the Hyper Battle Special.

Trinity Form Finishers

"Trinity Form has access to all the Finishers of Ground, Storm and Flame Form.":;Fire Storm Attack::Wielding both the Storm Halberd and Flame Saber, releasing the powers of fire and wind in one decisive strike; possesses approx. 40 tons of force.:;Rider Shoot::Draws in the powers of the Ground, Storm and Flame Forms into both feet to perform a super-powerful, full-body dropkick; possesses approx. 45 tons of force; also known as the “Double Rider Kick”.

Burning Form Finishers

:;Burning Rider Punch::Focuses his might into one explosive blow.:;Burning Bomber::An lethal attack in which AgitΩ lunges forward with the dual-bladed Shining Caliber and cuts down the enemy with lethal blazing strokes; possesses approx. 40 tons of force.

hining Form Finishers

:;Shining Clash::An attack that slashes through his enemies with his twin “Shining Caliber” swords in an high-speed multi-hit attack.; possesses approx. 55 tons of force.:;Shining Rider Kick::By concentrating the AgitΩ Power before him, AgitΩ is accelerated to supersonic speeds as he attacks with his strongest flying kick, piercing his enemy with extreme force; approx. Unknown tons of force .


:Alter Ring: A mysterious belt bestowed upon Shōichi by the Over Lord of Light. It holds the "Seed of AgitΩ" and is the source of his power. As he grows in strength, he would unlock its full powers.

:Wiseman's Monolith: A relic of unknown purpose; fitted onto AgitΩ's breastplate.

:Storm Halberd: A double-bladed pole arm that serves as AgitΩ‘s primary means of attack while in Storm Form. When its blades are unfolded, the Storm Halberd can stir up gale-force winds powerful enough to halt most any adversary with a barrier of wind.

:Flame Saber: The Flame Saber is the signature weapon of the Flame Form and is a sword of unparalleled sharpness. It's lethality is further increased when all 6 "Flame Horns" are opened; a 'Saber Slash' while in this state would literally reduce an adversary to ash.

:Shining Caliber: Twin saber weapons. Available to AgitΩ when in Burning Form (Single Mode, as a dual-bladed sword) and Shining Form (Twin Mode, as paired blades).

Kamen Rider: Seigi no Keifu

In this semi-canon video game, Shōichi finds himself trapped in what he discovers to be a headquarters of the former terriorist organization "Shocker." After encountering Shocker soldiers and a Kajin, he is confused as to why they refer to him as a "Kamen Rider." Shōichi eventually discovers Shocker's plan to manipulate time in order to empower an alien being discovered long before Shocker's initial fall to Kamen Rider 1, as well as discovering the origin of the Kamen Rider mantle. Agito is eventually introduced to Kamen Riders 1, V3 and BLACK via Shocker communication technology, and eventually travels to 1988 to assist Kamen Rider BLACK in defeating the alien being. As with every Rider, Toshiki Kashū returns to voice his role as Shōichi/Kamen Rider Agito. Kamen Rider Gills also makes an appearance as a nonplayable character.

Ryuki vs. Agito

Agito makes a noncanonical appearance in this brief short to the Kamen Rider Ryuki series. After discovering several Mirror Monsters apparently being lead by Kamen Rider Agito Burning Form, referred as king of Mirror, Kamen Riders Ryuki, Knight, Zolda and Oja fight to destroy him. Eventually, the real Agito appears in Ground Form and teams up with Kamen Rider Ryuki, whom imitates Agito's Rider Kick to destroy the imposter. In the end, this is revealed to be Kamen Rider Ryuki's dream.

Kamen Rider Agito is voiced by Seiji Takaiwa, while the impostor Agito is voiced by Kōji Yusa.


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