Guamanian general election, 2002

Guamanian general election, 2002

The Guam general election of 2002 was held on 5 November. On the ballot were:

* The Governor
* All 15 seats in the Legislature of Guam
* The Federal delegate


In Guam, elections to the Legislature and multi-member boards are run via open primary (This following the outlawing of the previous blanket primaryref|BAN) similar to Louisiana.

Both the Public Auditorref|OPA and Consolidated Commission on Utilitiesref|CCU are required to be nonpartizan and as such candidates are not allowed to state affiliations or list them on the ballot.

In the case of the Auditor, affiliating with a party is grounds for disqualification.ref|OPA




Madeleine Bordallo, a Democrat, was elected.


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