High Sheriff of Kent

High Sheriff of Kent

This is a list of High Sheriffs of Kent.

*1830: Edward Rice, of Dane Court [LondonGazette|issue=18652|startpage=257|endpage=258|date=2 February 1830|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1831: Baden Powell, of Speldhurst [LondonGazette|issue=18772|startpage=194|endpage=195|date=1 February 1831|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1832: George Douglas, of Chilston Park [LondonGazette|issue=18900|startpage=254|endpage=255|date=6 February 1832|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1833: Demetrius Grevis James, of Ightham [LondonGazette|issue=19019|startpage=246|date=5 February 1833|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1834: George Stone, of Chislehurst [LondonGazette|issue=19125|startpage=206|date=4 February 1834|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1835: John Ward, of Holwood [LondonGazette|issue=19238|startpage=235|endpage=236|date=9 February 1835|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1836: Sir Edward Cholmeley Dering, 8th Baronet, of Surrenden [LondonGazette|issue=19353|startpage=223|endpage=224|date=5 February 1836|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1837: Francis Bradley, of Gore Court [LondonGazette|issue=19462|startpage=232|endpage=233|date=31 January 1837|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1838: Thomas Turner Alkin, of Hunton Court [LondonGazette|issue=19586|startpage=232|date=1 February 1838|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1839: David Salomons, of Broom Hill, Tunbridge [LondonGazette|issue=19704|startpage=214|date=9 February 1839|accessdate=2008-09-21]
*1840: Arthur Pott, of Bentham Hill [LondonGazette|issue=19819|startpage=197|endpage=198|date=31 January 1840|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1841: De La Mark Banks, of Sheppy Court [LondonGazette|issue=19948|startpage=304|endpage=304|date=5 February 1841|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1842: Henry Hoare, of Staplehurst [LondonGazette|issue=20067|startpage=285|endpage=286|date=4 February 1842|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1843: Frederick Perkins, of Chipsted Place [LondonGazette|issue=20192|startpage=371|endpage=372|date=1 February 1843|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1844: Sir Joseph Hawley, 3rd Baronet, of Leybourne Grange [ [http://books.google.com/books?id=jc0kh800jGIC&pg=RA3-PA160&lpg=RA3-PA160 Sheriffs for the Year 1844] in "The Annual Register" for 1844, p. 160, online at books.google.com (accessed 9 September 2008)] [LondonGazette|issue=20311|startpage=347|endpage=348|date=31 January 1844|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1845: Sir Moses Montefiore, of East Cliff, Saint Lawrence [LondonGazette|issue=20439|startpage=315|endpage=316|date=4 February 1845|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1846: William Osmun Hammond, of Saint Alban's [LondonGazette|issue=20566|startpage=361|endpage=362|date=30 January 1846|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1847: John Pelly Atkins, of Halsted [LondonGazette|issue=20698|startpage=410|endpage=411|date=5 February 1847|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1848: John Ashley Warre, of Westcliffe, Saint Lawrence [LondonGazette|issue=20825|startpage=541|endpage=542|date=11 February 1848|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1849: William Masters Smith, of Camer, Meopham [LondonGazette|issue=20944|startpage=431|endpage=432|date=13 February 1849|accessdate=2008-09-19]
*1891:Charles Wheler Wheler, of Otterden Place, Faversham [LondonGazette|issue=26146|startpage=1653|date=24 March 1891|accessdate=2008-02-11]

*1927: Frank Cyril Tiarks
*1978-1979:Ion Calvocoressi
*2006-2007:Nigel Wheeler
*2007-2008:Anthony Montheuuis


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