GELOSO The Geloso was a company, founded in 1931 by John Geloso, a manufacturer of radios, televisions, amplifiers, amateur receivers, audio equipment and components electronics, that had headquarters in Milan, Viale Brenta 29.

In 1931 began to produce not only Radio but also, by choice of John Geloso same, most of the electronic components with which they were built, and over time developing and patenting also many others.

After the Second World War, Geloso expanded and expanded his production becoming from 1950 onwards a real point of reference of the domestic and enthusiasts and hobbyer of electronics.

The many products under the brand name Geloso were known throughout Italy and much appreciated abroad. It was innovative products, high quality, well-made and the low price.The big production was formed of Radio, amplifiers, tape recorders, televisions, boxes of assembly, professional laboratory instruments etc. but also components such as capacitors, resistors, potentiometers, switchs, connectors, transformer, microphones, etc. The Bullettins

Geloso was considered a good businessman, but also strongly wanted to share his passion for electronic. He created in 1932 Technical Bulletin GELOSO, a free quarterly pubblication that not only contained everything needed for the repair and devolopment of its equipment, but also and above all, updates, tips, instructions, characteristics, schemes and everything that technicians and enthusiasts of had to know.

There were those years in which there were no training centres and schools electronics were extremely rare.

These bulletins had the merit of spreading, so simple and clear, the knowledge to people who otherwise would not have any way to learn and develop their passion. The mounting kit

Another important contribution of Geloso were mounting kit. Il kit permetteva di costruire un televisore o un radioricevitore, praticamente da zero. The kits allow to make a TV or radio, practically from scratch. Si cominciava con dei telai di metallo su cui si installavano i componenti. It began with metal frames on which installavano components. Altri kit pre-montati e tarati concludevano e facilitavano l'opera. Other kits pre-assembled and calibrated facilitavano and concluded the work.

Poi, grazie alle istruzioni dei bollettini, si passava alla taratura dell'insieme.Then, thanks to the instructions of bulletins, passed the calibration of the whole. Infine era disponibile anche il mobile, di legno naturalmente, le manopole i tasti ecc., tutto marca Geloso . Finally was also available furniture, wooden course, knobs etc. keys., All brand Geloso. The end On the death in 1969, by John Geloso had become an empire of eight manufacturing facilities with an extensive and efficient chain of sale. La Geloso Spa continuò la produzione fino al 1972 anno in cui chiuse definitivamente. The Geloso Spa continued production until 1972 when it closed permanently

The reasons for closure were many, mainly related to foreign competition more fierce, problems of incapacity in conducting business, problems linked to trade union movements, very strong at that time, but especially heavy exposure to bank the factory.


Geloso was one of the biggest electronics Italian company, established in 1931 by John Geloso. Some of Geloso's most successful products were: radio receivers, tape recorders, audio amplifiers, record players, television sets, radio and TV parts, ham receivers and transmitters.

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