Guignardia musae

Guignardia musae

name = "Guignardia musae"
regnum = Fungi
phylum = Ascomycota
classis = Dothideomycetes
subclassis = Incertae sedis
ordo = Botryosphaeriales
familia = Botryosphaeriaceae
genus = "Guignardia"
species = "G. musae"
binomial = "Guignardia musae"
binomial_authority = Racib., (1909)
synonyms = "Macrophoma musae"
"Phoma musae"
"Phyllosticta musarum"
"Phyllostictina musarum"
"Sphaeropsis musarum"

Guignardia musae is a plant pathogen that causes Freckle of banana a disease that forms water soaked lesions of banana fruit and is spread by rain splash.

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