Prince Ernst-Johann Biron of Courland

Prince Ernst-Johann Biron of Courland

Prince Ernst-Johann Karl Oskar Eitel-Friedrich Peter Burchard Biron of Courland (born August 6, 1940) is the senior male line descendant of Ernst Johann von Biron and as such heir to the Duchy of Courland and Semigallia.

He was born in Berlin the eldest son of Prince Karl Biron of Courland (1907-1982) and Princess Herzeleide of Prussia (1918-1989) the daughter of Prince Oskar of Prussia a son of Emperor William II and Empress Augusta Viktoria.

Prince Ernst-Johann succeeded his father as head of the Biron family following his death on February 28, 1982. He is also a knight of the Johanniter Order whose current grand master is his cousin Prince Oskar of Prussia with the position having been previously held by his uncle and grandfather.

Private life

Prince Ernst-Johann is married to Countess Elisabeth of Ysenburg-Philippseich (born 1941) who he was married to in Munich civilly on August 14, 1967 and religiously one day later.

Prince Ernst-Johann and his wife have two adopted daughters.
*Anja Prinzessin Biron von Curland (born 1975)
*Christiana Prinzessin von Curland (born 1977)


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