George Webber (newsman)

George Webber (newsman)

George Weber, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a newscasting personality on the ABC Radio Network doing hourly news updates. For several years he was on the WABC 77 morning show, with Curtis Sliwa and Ron Kuby in New York City. He did periodic news updates throughout the morning, as well as joining in conversation with the hosts about those news stories.

Weber's first radio gig was at WAEB in Allentown, PA, where he worked for two and a half years as a reporter and news anchor. After contacting Phil Boyce, then News Director at Denver station KIMN, he was offered a job as a street reporter and anchor with that station. Two and a half years later-after KIMN's demise-Weber was hired at cross-town rival KOA, where he began a new career as the host of a night-time talk show.

Some other important stops on his way to a full-time job with WABC were KGO, KOGO, KTLKdn and KMPC []

As a former tobacco user, he has been featured in radio advertisements for "".

Weber was let go by WABC at the same time as John R. Gambling in February 2008. [cite web | url=| title=WABC Fires John Gambling|publisher=New York Daily News] In April 2008, Weber obtained a new assignment doing news updates for the ABC Radio Network.


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