Al Hallaniyah is the largest and only inhabited of the Khuriya Muriya Islands, which belong to Oman. It is located in the center of the group, eight kilometers east of "Al-Sawda", the closest island, and the second largest of the group. The area is 56 km². The only village is located on the flat western part, with a population in the range of 100 to 150. It is reachable by boat or plane. An airstrip is located nearby.

The island is generally rugged and barren, except for some tamarix trees and a little grass on its eastern side. The central part of the island rises to granite chimney peaks standing close together. The tallest peak reaches a height of 495 meters.

The east and west ends of the island terminate in comparatively low points. Ras al Hallaniyah, the summit and northern headland of the island, is a bold projecting bluff, 501 meters high. The coast of a length of one mile on either side of this bluff consists of a Muschelkalk cliff descenting almost vertically to the sea.

The inhabitants visit the other islands with their boats, weather permitting, to catch birds and collect eggs. Other than that, their main occupation is fishing. According to [ the Foundation for Endangered Languages] the inabitants speak the Jibbali language, also called Shehri. During the Charif, from mid-May to mid-September, cold water rich of nutrients from great depths reaches the surface, bringing with it an abundance of fish. The sea is rough during that time, and the weather is windy and foggy.


Khuriya Muriya Islands

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