Hellenic FC

Hellenic FC

Hellenic FC was a South African football (soccer) club, based in Cape Town. The club was founded in 1958 and nicknamed "The Greek Gods".

In early 2004, the club's franchise was sold by the owners to the Ndlovu family who renamed it Premier United and moved it to Benoni, Gauteng. Benoni Premier United now plays in the country's Premier Soccer League.

Former Players

*flagicon|England Tony Allen (1971–1973)
*flagicon|England Jeff Cook (1975-1977)
*flagicon|Germany Arno Steffenhagen (1972-1974)

Major Honours

*Chevrolet Cup 1976
*Coca-Cola Shield Winners 1971, 1974
*Sanlam Champion of Champions 1973
*Embassy Bowl Winners 1972
*BP League Cup Winners 1971
*NFL Champions 1971

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