Sydowia polyspora

Sydowia polyspora
Sydowia polyspora
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Ascomycota
Class: Dothideomycetes
Subclass: Dothideomycetidae
Order: Dothideales
Family: Dothioraceae
Genus: Sydowia
Species: S. polyspora
Binomial name
Sydowia polyspora
(Bref. & Tavel) E. Müll., (1953)

Dothichiza ferruginosa Sacc., (1884)
Dothichiza pityophila (Corda) Petr., (1923)
Dothidea polyspora Bref.
Hormonema dematioides Lagerb. & Melin, (1927)
Phoma acicola (Moug. & Lév.) Sacc., (1881)
Phoma pinicola (Zopf) Sacc., (1884)
Phoma pityophila (Corda) Sacc., (1884)
Phoma strobiligena Desm., (1849)
Pleodothis polyspora (Bref.) Clem.
Plowrightia polyspora (Bref.) Sacc., (1895)
Pullularia fermentans var. melinii E.S. Wynne & Gott, (1956)
Pycnis pinicola Zopf, (1881)
Pyrenochaeta acicola (Moug. & Lév.) Sacc., (1884)
Sclerophoma pityophila (Corda) Höhn., (1909)
Sclerotiopsis pityophila (Corda) Oudem., (1904)
Sphaeronaema pithyophilum Corda, (1840)
Sphaeropsis acicola Lév., (1848)
Sphaeropsis acicola Pass., (1890)

Sydowia polyspora is a plant pathogen.

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