Lyubomir Ivanov

Lyubomir Ivanov

, with a dissertation entitled "Iterative Operative Spaces".

Academic and NGO work

Apppointed head of the Department of Mathematical Logic at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in 1990, Dr Ivanov has since helped found the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, in which he rose to the position of chairman in 2001. In 1994 he founded the Manfred Wörner Foundation, an organisation dedicated to trans-atlantic co-operation. Member of the Streit Council Advisory Board, Washington, DC since 2006 [cite web
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] . Chairman, Antarctic Place-names Commission since 1994. [Citation
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title = Who is who in Bulgarian Politic: Lyubomir . Ivanov, Atlantic Club of Bulgaria - President
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In the course of his work for, among others, the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, Dr Ivanov has given interviews to various news outlets, at times espousing views that NATO must expand eastwards due to a deficit in its military capacity. [cite web|title=Bulgaria and the world|publisher=Radio Bulgaria|date=19 March 2008|url=|accessdate=2008-08-18]

Political career

Ivanov served as a Member of Parliament in Bulgaria, acting as Chairman of the Green Party parliamentary group. He has also served as parliamentary secretary for the Bulgarian minister for foreign affairs. [cite web|title=Academic Refugee Studies Initiative in Bulgaria|publisher=United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR)|date=24 October 2002|url=|accessdate=2008-08-18|format=PDF]

Antarctic Expeditions

Dr Ivanov has taken part in several Antarctic expeditions. In 2004, Ivanov went with Doychin Vasilev on the Tangra 2004 expedition, aiming to make the first traversing of the Tangra mountains on Livingstone Island. [cite web|title=Pole Expedition List||url=|accessdate=2008-08-18]


ee also

* Department of Mathematical Logic
* Antarctic Place-names Commission
* Atlantic Club of Bulgaria
* Manfred Wörner Foundation
* Tangra 2004/05

Principal publications

* Ivanov, L.L. "Algebraic Recursion Theory". (Chichester, West Sussex: Ellis Horwood, and New York: John Wiley & Sons, 1986). 256 pp. ISBN 9780130269072; ISBN 9780745801025
* Ivanov, L.L. . Independent Society of Ecoglasnost, Club for Glasnost and Restructuring, and Wilderness Fund Bulgaria. Sofia, 1989.
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* Ivanov, L.L. [ Toponymic Guidelines for Antarctica] . Antarctic Place-names Commission of Bulgaria. Sofia, 1995.
* Ivanov, L.L. . 1:1000 scale topographic map. Antarctic Place-names Commission of Bulgaria. Project supported by the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Antarctic Institute. Sofia, 1996. (in Bulgarian)
* Popov, S. et al. [ "NATO's Global Mission in the 21st Century"] . 1998-99 NATO Manfred Wörner Fellowship. Sofia: Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, 2000. 123 pp.
* Ivanov, L.L. Platek Spaces, "Fundamenta Informaticae". 44 (2000). 145-181.
* Ivanov, L.L. Boldface recursion on Platek Spaces. "Fundamenta Informaticae". 44 (2000). 183-208.
* Ivanov, L.L. [ On the Romanization of Bulgarian and English] . "Contrastive Linguistics". XXVIII, 2003, 2. pp. 109-118.
* Ivanov, L.L. (from English Strait to Morton Strait, with illustrations and ice-cover distribution). 1:100000 scale topographic map. Antarctic Place-names Commission of Bulgaria. Sofia, 2005.
* Ivanov, L.L. The role of immigration for the demographic and national development of Bulgaria in the 21st Century, in: "Towards New Immigration Policies for Bulgaria". Sofia: Manfred Wörner Foundation, 2006. 54 pp. (in Bulgarian, English summary) ISBN 9789549203219
* Ivanov, L. et al. [ "Bulgaria: Bezmer and adjacent regions — Guide for American military"] . Sofia: Multiprint Ltd., 2007. 40 pp. ISBN 9789549043785
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* Ivanov, L. et al. . Sofia: Manfred Wörner Foundation, 2008. 80 pp. (Trilingual publication in Bulgarian, Macedonian and English) ISBN 978-954-92032-2-6

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