List of The Secret Show episodes

List of The Secret Show episodes

The premiere dates for each episode are for the USA airings of "The Secret Show" on Nicktoons Network; the series debuted first in the UK, with earlier dates.

eason One

Commando Babies/Bad Hair Day!

Premiered February 3, 2007

"Commando Babies"::Victor & Anita meet Changed Daily's former nanny with a ray that turns people into babies, who plans to "baby-ize" the World Leader.
* Changed Daily's name: Warty Fingleblaster
*Secret Thing location: In the box of baby weapons

"Bad Hair Day!"::Everybody at U.Z.Z. starts wearing wigs, which suddenly come to life. Professor Professor finds out that the wigs are stealing knowledge from U.Z.Z. and bringing it to Doctor Doctor.
* Changed Daily's names: Pongo Pifflepaws, Nancy Toodlepoops
*Secret Thing location: Under Professor Professor's pillow as his wig sneaks away.

And That's For Helsinki/The Ball of Spong

Premiered February 17, 2007

"And That's For Helsinki"::Victor and Anita are targeted by a man who yells "And that's for Helsinki!" after each attack but they do not know why.
* Changed Daily's name: Fluffy Tummy
*Secret Thing location: With the other meals in the cafeteria

"The Ball of Spong"::Aliens demand U.Z.Z. bring them the Ball of Spong or else they will sift the planet Earth. The problem is, it's trapped in an indestructible pod with Changed Daily, who believes that everything in the world has been destroyed except for him, and is waiting for the chef to make him lunch.
* Changed Daily's name: Bobby Bouncybuns
*Secret Thing location: Next to the survival pod as it is blasted out of the wall.

Destination Sun/The Secret Room

Premiered March 3, 2007

"Destination Sun"::Doctor Doctor creates a remote that controls the Sun, and Victor accidentally steps on it. They must team up with Doctor Doctor and go to the Sun in a ice-burg rocket to re-ignite it.
* Changed Daily's name: Oinky Doinky
*Secret Thing location: ?

"The Secret Room":Professor Professor tries to get Victor and Anita into a secret room by disguising them as 8 year olds.
* Changed Daily's name: Patty Cake
*Secret Thing location: ?

Alien Attack/Mirror, Mirror!

Premiered March 24, 2007

"Alien Attack":Victor and Anita make the first contact with an alien on Earth. Unfortunately, the alien smells so delicious, that Anita eats him live on television, triggering an invasion of Earth. Soon, everyone's eating the aliens and turning into strange, spotty-big-hand things, and only Victor and his vegetarian task force remain unaffected.
* Changed Daily's name: Peeka Boo

"Mirror, Mirror!":Reflections are coming alive and entering the world through mirrors, and they've stolen the World Leader. Victor and Anita must get her back with the help of their reflected selves before the mirror portals shut, or the two worlds will explode - unfortunately, U.Z.Z. is a pizza restaurant in the mirror world.
* Changed Daily's name: Ivor Twinkletoe
*NOTE: In the USA version, it is difficult to see the Secret Thing, because it is slightly blocked by the Nicktoons Network logo, but it is leanining on the left side of the fireplace at the end of the episode.

Dr. Hypno Returns Again!/Secret Sleep

Premiered April 7, 2007

"Dr. Hypno Returns Again!":Dr. Hypno, an evil villain who hypnotizes people, unleashes his power onto the world. Victor and Anita must work together with a retired U.Z.Z. agent to stop him.
* Changed Daily's name: Timmy's Cheekychipmunk
*Secret Thing location: ?

"Secret Sleep":Doctor Doctor has a crystal that controls people's dreams. With it, she makes people dance all night, making them exhausted in the day. Victor, Anita, and Changed Daily must stop her in their dreams.
* Changed Daily's names: Snuggle Bunny; Rock Justice (in dream)
*Secret Thing location: ?

Super-Vic!/Mr. Atom

Premiered April 21, 2007

"Super-Vic!":Victor steals a cape from a kid. When put on, the cape gives the wearer super powers. The problem is, the kid is the son of Eartha Quaker, a woman who has the ability to create earthquakes, and now she's angry.
* Changed Daily's name: Mimzy Woowoo
*Secret Thing location: In one of the cracks in the wall at the end of the episode.

"Mr. Atom":Mr. Atom, the smallest man in the world, takes revenge on U.Z.Z. from inside Changed Daily's brain. Victor and Anita, chased by agents on sky bikes firing laser guns, run riot throughout Changed Daily's brain to get Mr. Atom out before he lurches out of control into the ocean.
* Changed Daily's Name: Pinky Woodle

Return of the Killer Toothbrush/Reptogator Attack!

Premiered April 28, 2007

"Return of the Killer Toothbrush":Victor and Anita accidentally release an experiment that Professor Professor and Doctor Doctor made many years ago: a killer electric toothbrush.
* Changed Daily's name: Slinky Wagglebutt
*Secret Thing location: At the top of the staircase in Professor Professor's Lab

"Reptogator Attack!": Victor and Anita are a assigned to protect "The Kid". But a Reptogator destroys his house, causing him to flee in a escape pod. After the reptogator attack, Anita is injured. Ray gives Victor a new partner until she is better. But the partner turns out to be a Reptogator in disguise. When they find "The Kid", the Reptogator attacks him, and takes him to their base 60 miles underground. Meanwhile, Profressor Profressor sends Anita to help but Anita questions "The Kid's" Importance. Profressor Profressor Explains he is very intelligent, and the leader and creator of U.Z.Z. In the end, Victor and Anita save "The Kid", and he explains to the other Reptogators chasing them that he was kidnapped by Victors Reptogator partner. It turns out she was a rogue, against the peace treaty.

* Changed Daily's name(s): Stinky Winky
*Secret Thing location: ?

Mr.Atom/When Good Food Goes Bad

"Mr.Atom":Victor steps on a microscopic but ill-tempered man named Mr. Atom. The man takes over Changed Daily's brain, and Victor must apologize to Mr. Atom.
* Changed Daily's name: Pinky Woodle
* NOTE: "The Chef" (mentioned below) makes a cameo as Mr. Atom's first victim in the episode."When Good Food Goes Bad":A villain named "The Chef" fails to sell his "Plasty Munch", and attempts to get vegetables out of the way by making robots disguised as vegetables.
* Changed Daily's name: Tequen SnugglePants

Imposter attack!/Secret Spider

Premiered July 1,2007

"Imposter Attack!":The Impostors capture all of the world's plumbers which will trigger a flood, so Victor and Anita stop this "crime wave".
* Changed Daily's name: Silly Lillylumbottom

"Secret Spider":A small spider is found, which watches U.Z.Z. and has the key to U.Z.Z.'s victory against the Impostors. Can this spider help U.Z.Z.?
* Changed Daily's name: Polly WollyDolly

Lucky Leo/Zombie Attack!

Premiered : July 8, 2007

"Lucky Leo":A criminal master who is also the luckiest man in the world is always getting away. Luckily, Professor Professor got some of lucky Leo's DNA. Can lucky Victor stop lucky Leo?
* Changed Daily's name: Pooky Wooky
* NOTE: The Secret thing can be seen on top of Victor's chair at the end of the episode.
* NOTE: Near the end of the episode, Stacey Stern had to share a yacht with 4,000 other people, and the whole world is equally lucky."Zombie Attack!":Doctor Doctor is turning everyone in the world into zombies. Anita is the only one who can stop her.
* Changed Daily's name: Yummy Yummy Says My Tummy

Flick The Switch/Giant Brain of Terror

Premiered : July 15, 2007

"Flick The Switch":Victor accidentally flicks the switch that sends U.Z.Z. 15, 60, and then 90 miles underground, down to the level of the Imposters. He tries to fix it but he only makes it go down lower. Can U.Z.Z. stop the Imposters and Reptogators?
* Changed Daily's name: Snortington Fairy Shoes

"Giant Brain of Terror":Professor Professor defrosts a giant brain that feeds on fear. Can the entire world "just ignore it", or will this monster destroy U.Z.Z.?
* Changed Daily's names: Philico Buttenfluff, Nincy Nancy La La

You're History/Purrfect Villian

Premiered: July 29, 2007

"You're History"::Doctor Doctor invents the uninventing ray and uninvents the entire world. Can the Stone Age U.Z.Z. agents uninvent the uninventing ray?
* Changed Daily's names: Windy Pops, Squidgy Dimples, Sweaty Ears

"Purrfect Villain"::Professor Professor's teleporter scrambles Victor's brain with the evil cat, Mr. Cuddles. Victor will need all nine lives to capture Mr. Cuddles before he uses U.Z.Z. secrets to destroy the world.
* Changed Daily's name: Leopold Snacktrouser
* This is the only episode where instead Of Sweet Granny Singing The Song, Sweet Old Grandpa sings it. The U.Z.Z. Agents cannot catch him in the episode (he can be heard shouting "You'll never get these fluffy bunnies!"); however, the U.Z.Z. Agents always catch the grandma. The Grandpa is seen several times in the episode and the end if it. The episode ends with Grandpa singing the song, after which a bunny plays the harmonica while two others hop in time, wearing sunglasses in immitation of the U.Z.Z. agents.

Imposting the Imposters/Ammonities Rule!

Premiered: August 5, 2007

"Imposting the Imposters"::An Imposter Professor Professor sends Victor and Anita into a trap 90 miles below the surface of the Earth, home to the Imposters, followed by all of U.Z.Z.
* Changed Daily's name: Kimberly Bimberly

"Ammonities Rule!":Aliens test mankind's ability to keep watch over the planet by asking for an extremely rare orchid, but the plant has since gone extinct.
* Changed Daily's name: Nibbles McPee

The Z Ray Goggles of Power/Catch The Birdman!

"The Z Ray Goggles of Power":Doctor Doctor is given The Z Ray Goggles, which can destroy anything, but when the person who gave her the goggles uses the power to send U.Z.Z & T.H.E.M to "The Purple Hole" In Space, U.Z.Z and T.H.E.M must work together to save themselves! Only for the Day!
* Changed Daily's name

"Catch The Birdman!"When The Birdman tries to get the world to see U.Z.Z.'s Super Secret Training film in which he starred, so he will be famous, it is up to U.Z.Z to stop him. In addition, Changed Daily and Professor Professor are demoted, and Victor and Anita are promoted.
* Changed Daily's name: Spicy Onion Dip
* NOTE: Anita had her name changed once at the end of the episode to Snotty Pimple Chin when she was U.Z.Z. leader (the name was obviously not permanent).

Victor of the Future/Monument Racers

"Victor of the Future"::A future Victor appears and tries to warn U.Z.Z. about something, but he is knocked out before he can warn anyone.
* Changed Daily's name: Nibbly Nobbly Knock-Knees
* Future Victor's name: Jet Strong

"Monument Racers"::Illegal monument racers are springing up all over the place, and it's up to Victor and Anita to stop them. But can they recover the 'weird little motor thingys' before Doctor Doctor gets them?
*NOTE: This is the only episode in which Stacey Stern does not say her catch phrase after a question, instead she says: "And who is the one responsible for these monument races? Who cares, its fun. You may be you, but I'm Stacey Stern."

* Changed Daily's name: Sammy Sauce Box

Rise of the Floaty Heads/Secret Santa

"Rise of the Floaty Heads"::Spong steals and shrinks the Solar system for his sister, Ping to use a a mobile.. Victor and Anita go to retrieve it, but Victor decides to help Ping in a ceremony.
* Changed Daily's name: Cha Cha Mittens, Pineapple Chunks

"Secret Santa":

Changed Daily is kidnapped and taken to the Floaty Heads unreachable planet, along with other important people. And U.Z.Z can only call upon the only person who can get in anywhere... Santa Claus!

*This Was The Secret Show's Christmas Special

A Hairy Scary World/Mission To Monkey Nut Island

"A Hairy Scary World"::When Professor Professor tries another attempt to grow hair, his experiment goes wrong and his new hair, and hair lice, cover the world. Now Victor and Anita Must find Professor Professor's long-lost twin, Maestro Maestro, to get his DNA for the Baldy Gene, and return the world to normal within 24 hours.
* Changed Daily's name: Broccoli Spears

"Mission To Monkey Nut Island"::Doctor Doctor is up to something, so Victor and Anita go undercover as T.H.E.M. agents. But when Victor accidentally creates a plan to destroy U.Z.Z, Victor and Anita have to stop her.
* Changed Daily's name: Bubbles Kissy Cuddles

World Anthem/It's a Hamster World

Premiered February 23, 2008

"World Anthem":Victor and Anita must enter the World Anthem Competition against Doctor Doctor and several T.H.E.M. agents who've formed a band. But Doctor Doctor plans to sing a song that will hypnotize the world. Who will win the Battle of the Bands?
*Changed Daily's name: Engelbert Humperdinck
*This episode aired as a single episode on February 11.

"It's A Hamster World":It's a rainy day and nothing's happening, but when Victor asks who is the girl Changed Daily has a picture of on his mantelpiece, they end up uncovering a 20-year-old secret. Now they must go and rescue Daily's former partner, Lucy Woo, from the evil Hamster Man.
*Changed Daily's name: Ickle Babykins

= Australia Aired Episodes =All of these episodes aired in Australia as repeats.

" World Savers ":U.Z.Z.'s reputation as the world's 'number one' protector is under threat by a rival organisation called World Savers Inc. But are World Savers really good guys? Or is it yet another plot to take over the world.
*Aired on: April 18, 2008

" The Hand ":Simon Sez blames U.Z.Z. for putting his toy company out of business. Luring Victor and Anita to The Hand's factory, Simon Sez falls into a vat of 'Nano-goo' and finds himself able to control the actions of others. But can Anita play the same game to?
*Aired on: April 22, 2008

" The Z-Ray Goggles of Power ":Professor Professor and Doctor Doctor must work together to prevent U.Z.Z. and T.H.E.M. being fired into a purple hole by Neville Thunderbottom, a jealous fellow classmate from the School for the Chronically Gifted.
*Aired on: April 23, 2008

" The Secret Man ":The Secret Man has gone missing on a top-secret Impostor mission. Can Victor and Anita find him before the giant Impostor cocoon hatches into a terrifying flying thing? And who exactly is The Secret Man anyway?
*Aired on: April 24, 2008

" Planet Professor Professor ":Professor loses some very important memories - including the unlock code to free Changed Daily from a waspy-alien prison helmet. Victor and Anita must find the unlock code before Changed Daily mutates into a giant orchid!
*Aired on: April 25, 2008

" The Abyss ":U.Z.Z. and T.H.E.M. race to recover The Secret Thing from the Abyss. A giant squid eats Victor and The Secret Thing! It's up to Anita to save them, with the help of her own 'secret thing'.
*Aired on: April 29, 2008

" Stuff Stealers ":The world's spoons and then the world's combs go missing. First the World Leader is blamed, then Victor and Anita! Can U.Z.Z. find the real 'stuff stealers' before anything else disappears?
*Aired on: April 30, 2008

" The Villain Nobody Took Seriously ":A clown takes over the world because nobody takes him seriously. U.Z.Z. is too busy saving the world from serious villains. But when the clown wins the world election, it looks like he'll get last laugh.
*Aired on: May 1, 2008

" Secret Double Agent ":A new, impenetrable hiding place is found for The Secret Thing inside Changed Daily's mantelpiece. Agent 'Kent B. Trusted', working for U.Z.Z. and T.H.E.M. as a double agent, finds out and steals them both.
*Aired on: May 2, 2008

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