Lower Pannonia

Lower Pannonia

The Lower Pannonia or Pannonia Inferior was an ancient Roman province. It was formed in the year 103 AD. The Lower Pannonia included parts of present-day Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Some of the important cities in Lower Pannonia were: Sirmium (today Sremska Mitrovica), Cuccium (today Ilok), Cibalae (today Vinkovci), Mursa (today Osijek), Certissa (today Đakovo), Marsonia (today Slavonski Brod), Sopianae (today Pécs), Aquincum (today Buda), etc.

Later usage

From cca. 796 to 828/830, "Lower Pannonia", as a territory under Frankish influence, referred to present-day northern Croatia, i.e. to Pannonia to the south of the Drava (and to the east of Carantania and Krain). From 828/830 to (at least) cca. 900, "Lower Pannonia" referred to present-day western Hungary and northern Croatia except for the territory around Neusiedler See, i.e. to Pannonia to the south of the Rába River (and to the east of Carantania and Krain). Name also referred to the Slavic Balaton Principality in the 9th century.

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* [http://www.unrv.com/provinces/pannonia.php Roman Empire - Pannonia]
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