Upplands regemente (infantry)

Upplands regemente (infantry)

Infobox Military Unit
unit_name= Upplands regemente
(I 8)

dates= 1626–1957
country= Sweden
branch= Swedish Army
type= Infantry
size= Regiment
motto= None
colors= Red and yellow
colors_label= Colours
march= "Utgångsmarch" (late 1890s–1957)
battle_honours= Varberg (1565), Narva (1581), Lützen (1632), Warszawa (1656), Fredriksodde (1657), Tåget över Bält (1658), Rügen (1678), Düna (1701), Kliszow (1702), Holovczyn (1708), Helsingborg (1710), Svensksund (1790)

Upplands regemente (Uppland Regiment), designation I 8, was a Swedish Army infantry regiment that traced its origins back to the 16th century. It was disbanded in 1957. The regiment's soldiers were originally recruited from the province of Uppland, and it was later garrisoned there.


The regiment has its origins in fänikor (companies) raised in Uppland in the 1550s and 1560s. In 1617, these units—along with fänikor from the nearby provinces of Dalarna and Västmanland—were organised by Gustav II Adolf into Upplands storregemente, of which eight of the total 24 companies were recruited in Uppland. Upplands storregemente consisted of three field regiments, of which Upplands regemente was one. Sometime around 1623, the grand regiment was permanently split into three smaller regiments, of which Upplands regemente was one.

The regiment was officially raised in 1626 although it had existed since 1623. Upplands regemente was one of the original 20 Swedish infantry regiments mentioned in the Swedish constitution of 1634. The regiment's first commander was Nils Brahe. It was allotted in 1682 as one of the first regiments to be so.

The regiment was given the designation I 8 (8th Infantry Regiment) in a general order in 1816. Upplands regemente was renamed Upplands infanteriregemente in 1904 to distinguish it from Upplands artilleriregemente. The regiment was garrisoned in Gävle from 1912. In 1928, the regiment regained its old name. The regiment was disbanded in 1957. The signal regiment Upplands signalregemente was renamed to Upplands regemente in 1974, but does not trace its origins from the original regiment, even though the victory names have been transferred to it.




*Överstelöjtnantens kompani
*Majorens kompani
*Hundra härads kompani
*Rasbo kompani
*Sigtuna kompani
*Hagunda kompani
*Bälings kompani;18??
*Rasbo kompani
*Olands kompani
*Uppsala kompani
*Hundra Härads kompani
*Sigtuna kompani
*Hagunda kompani
*Enköpings kompani

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