Usakhelauri is a naturally semi-sweet Georgian wine.

The Usakhelauri grape, from which Usakhelauri red wine is made, is grown on the mountain slopes of the Lechkhumi district in Racha, in western Georgia, mainly near the villages of Okhureshi, Aubi and Isunderi. These grapes are quite scarce and only a limited amount of land is available, producing only around three tons of grapes each year, making them highly prized. They are indeed the premier wine grape of Georgia. The very name "Usakhelauri" means "nameless" in Georgian, which translates in meaning to a cross between "beyond words", and "priceless" due to its exceptional, and unparalleled quality. On a very good year, there are only about 1000 bottles even produced in the country, mainly by Teliani Valley, and some by Telavi Wine Cellars. Because of this, its cost is quite high at more than US$50 per bottle, straight from the winery.

Usakhelauri wine, produced since 1943, is known for its gentle and subtle qualities. The flavor is a harmoniously sweet one with a hint of strawberry. It is noted for a pleasant velvety taste, a delicate bouquet and matchless piquancy.

Usakhelauri contains 10.5–12.0% alcohol, 3–5% sugar and has 5–7% titrated acidity.

At international exhibitions Usakhelauri has been awarded 2 gold and 3 silver medals.

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