First and Last

First and Last

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First and Last is a TV gameshow contested by members of the public produced by Endemol for Channel 4. The only prize is a cash sum of up to £25,000 for the winner.

Pilot Show

The pilot was recorded on 19/05/07 in studio 6 of BBC TV Centre and has yet to be broadcast. It was presented by Justin Lee Collins. The winner of the pilot show was Ngaire-Elizabeth Pratt.

tudio Set

The set is shaped as an amphitheatre with the contestants facing the same way as the audience, toward a video screen. The contestants sit in barber's chairs attached with a telephone and key pad. To the left is the "First" doorway, to the right the "Last" doorway, for the respective losing contestants to leave through.


Round One

The first round starts with nine contestants, each was asked to pick a number and enter it in into a keypad. JLC then has some banter with the contestants on what they think a large or small number is. The numbers that have been picked are the shown on a video screen in front of the contestants in order of whom is nearest to the middle value. The contestants with highest and lowest numbers then leave the show through doorways with first and last written above them.

Round Two

The second round continues with the seven remaining contestants. In the pilot recording the top ten grossing Hollywood actors were shown on the big screen. The contestants were asked to pick the actor which they thought was neither the highest or lowest, with the appropriate banter. After all seven had chosen, in the order in which they finished the first round, the results were revealed on the screen in order from the middle value. The highest and lowest of the seven picked, not the absolute first and tenth from the list were used as the first and last. The two losing contestants then left via the first and last doorways.

Round Three

Round three consisted of the contestants telephoning their mothers explaining what is about to happen. The mothers then have five minutes to phone in to the studio phone (a red rotary dial type) answered by JLC. The studio switchboard holds the calls in the order in which they come in so that each call can be put through separately to the studio. The first and last mother's son/daughter then leaves the set.

Round Four

Round four sees each contestant remaining attempt to draw a picture of a celebrity (in the pilot's case, Fernando Hierro) on Lee Collins's back. The drawers of the best and worst pictures are then eliminated.

Round Five

The final round sees the last three contestants leaving the set to go to a holding room from which they are then called individually to the set. When they arrive back on set they are given a cheque on which to write their name and an amount of money of up to £25,000. The winner of the game is the contestant who decides on an amount which is neither the highest or lowest.

Broadcast date

No broadcast date has been set but it is likely to replace or compliment Deal Or No Deal in a daytime slot.

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