The Lilac Time

The Lilac Time

The Lilac Time are a band formed in Herefordshire, England and now based in Cornwall by Stephen Duffy and his brother Nick Duffy in 1986. The name being taken from a line in the Nick Drake song "River Man"::"Gonna see the River Man
Gonna tell him all I can
About the plan
For Lilac Time"

The band's activity has intertwined with Stephen's solo career, waxing and waning as time permitted. However, the group never disbanded and continues to make records into the 2000s. The latest Runout Groove was released in 2007 when a six-piece Lilac Time played the Green Man Festival and the Queen Elizabeth Hall. The former serves as the back drop to the film "Memory & Desire 30 Years in the Wilderness With Stephen Duffy & The Lilac Time". Filmed over six years it includes new and vintage Lilac footage, and will be accompanied by a Universal Records album of the same name bringing together songs from Duffy's thirty years of music making. The QEH concert is being mixed for to be a live l.p.


* "Runout Groove" (2007 - titled Stephen Duffy and the Lilac Time)
* "& Love For All" (2006) - UK Mercury Reissue with extra tracks & Radio Sessions
* "Paradise Circus" (2006) - UK Mercury Reissue with extra tracks & instrumentals
* "The Lilac Time" (2006) - UK Mercury Reissue of 1988 UK CD with extra tracks & Radio Sessions
* "Astronauts + " (2005) UK Edition of 1988 Japanese 19 track version
* "Keep Going" (2003 - titled Stephen Duffy and the Lilac Time)
* "lilac6" (2001) - Japanese 2-CD set with 4 live tracks
* "lilac6" (2001)
* "Compendium - The Fontana Trinity" (2001) - 2 CD set of songs from first three albums
* "Paradise Circus" (1999) - Japanese reissue of 1989 CD
* "The Lilac Time" (1999) - Japanese reissue of 1988 UK CD
* "Looking For A Day In The Night" (1999) - Japanese release with 1 extra track
* "Looking For A Day In The Night" (1999)
* "Astronauts" (1998) - Japanese release, with seven extra tracks
* "Astronauts" (1991) - German Creation release
* "Astronauts" (1991)
* "& Love For All" (1990) - Japanese release with obi strip
* "& Love For All" (1990) (also released in Germany and US)
* "Paradise Circus" (1989) (also released in Germany and US)
* "The Lilac Time" (1988 - Mercury Records US release with different track listing & extras)
* "The Lilac Time" (1988 - Fontana Records reissue)
* "The Lilac Time" (1987 - Swordfish Records limited release)


* "The Ups & Downs" (1985) Solo album by Stephen "Tin Tin" Duffy (on CD, LP and cassette)
* "Because We Love You" (1986) Solo album by Stephen Duffy (LP and cassette only)
* "Designer Beatnik" (1986) Album by Dr. Calculus MDMA (inc. Stephen Duffy) (LP and cassette only)
* "Music in Colors" (1993) Album by Stephen Duffy and Nigel Kennedy (CD, LP and cassette)
* "Duffy" (1995) UK album recorded by Stephen Duffy as "Duffy" (CD, LP and cassette)
* "Duffy" (1995) Japanese CD with one extra track
* "The Ups & Down" (1995) Japanese reissue CD
* "Because We Love You" (1995) Japanese reissue CD
* "Memory and Desire" (1997) Promo compilation CD including Lilac Time, Tin Tin and Duffy material
* "New Songs/I Love My Friends" (1997) UK Indolent CD recorded as "Duffy" - withdrawn from sale
* "I Love My Friends" (1998) UK Cooking Vinyl reissue
* "I Love My Friends" (1998) Japanese CD with one extra track
* "They Called Him Tin Tin" (1998) Compilation CD of early Stephen Duffy & Dr. Calculus material
* "Duffy" (1999) Japanese CD with all CD single b-sides as extra tracks
* "Dark Circles" (2002) Recorded by the Devils (Stephen Duffy and Nick Rhodes)
* "Dark Circles" (2004) Reissue in jewel case packaging
* "Music in Colors" (2004) Reissue with extra tracks
* "Duffy" (2005) UK CD with all CD single b-sides and unreleased tracks (released as Stephen Duffy)
* "Intensive Care" (2005) Album by Robbie Williams featuring Stephen Duffy's songwriting
* "I Love My Friends' (2006) UK CD will all CD single b-sides and unreleased tracks

Other items:

* "The Adventure Club Sessions" (1992 US CD including 2 live Lilac Time tracks)
* "I'm Your Fan: The Songs of Leonard Cohen" (1991 tribute CD including the Lilac Time)
* "Wish List" (2002 MS Society CD including Lilac Time's "Suburban Symphony")
* "One Day One Of These Fans Will Change Your Life" (2006 Lilac Time tribute CD)
* "Hanging Around" (1996 UK CD single by Me Me Me, featuring Stephen Duffy on vocals)
* "Advertising Space" (2005 Robbie Williams single including cover of the Lilac Time's "Family Coach")


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