Carmelite Rule of St. Albert

Carmelite Rule of St. Albert

The eremitic Rule of St. Albert is the shortest of the rules of consecrated life in existence in the Roman Catholic spiritual tradition. St. Albert Avogadro, a priest of the Canons Regular and Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, wrote the Rule in the in the early 13th century. The Rule is directed to Brother B. (held by tradition to be either St. Bertold or St. Brocard, but historical evidence is lacking) and the hermits living in the spirit of Elijah, who dwelt near the spring on Mount Carmel in present-day Israel. Later in the century, in consultation with two theologians of the Dominican Order, Pope Innocent IV revised the Rule slightly to reflect the realities of mendicant and monastic life. [ [id=4xuITxpYogIC&pg=PA53&lpg=PA53&dq=hermit+brothers&source=web&ots=_ShKbyfF_u&sig=OIAy5OKAfnlRBHDpos_MZZ4jPKo#PPA55,M1 Land of Carmel] By Elizabeth Ruth Obbard]

Through events surrounding the Crusades the hermits, or Brothers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel as they came to be known, were forced from Mount Carmel to Europe. In Europe the Carmelites were recognised as a mendicant order and monasteries, or "Carmel's" as they are referred to, were founded. One of the eldest such foundations is that of Aylesford, Kent, in the United Kingdom, the community of St. Simon Stock, O. Carm.


* [,M1 "Land of Carmel" by Elizabeth Ruth Obbard]
* [ Rule of St. Albert]

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