Fifi may refer to:

Common usage

*Fifi, diminutive form of Fiona

*Fifi, diminutive form of Josephine

*A device made from a sock, rubberband and hand lotion in which prison inmates use to pleasure themselves.


*Fifi (album), the third studio album by the Dutch band the Heideroosjes
*Fifi (Beauty and the Beast), a fictional character in the Disney film Beauty and the Beast
*Fifi & the Flowertots, a British stop-motion animated children's television series first broadcast in 2005
*Fifi Blows Her Top, the 184th short subject starring American slapstick comedy team the Three Stooges
*Fifi Le Fume (also called Fifi La Fume), a fictional anthropomorphic skunk featured in the Warner Brothers 1990-1992 animated series Tiny Toon Adventures
*Fifi the Duck, a Howard the Duck character, and an ally of Howard; first appeared in Howard the Duck #17 in 1977
*Fifi the Peke, a fictional character created by The Walt Disney Company
*Ingrid Finger (nicknamed Fifi), German beauty queen who became the first representative from her country to win the Miss International pageant in 1965
*Mademoiselle Fifi (disambiguation)
*Fifi, Marcus Dino's novel whose heroine is Fifi Larouche, an eccentric gen yer who is determined to be the 'Greatest Actress of the New Millennium'


*Fifi Abdou, Egyptian belly dancer and actress
*Fifi Box (born 1976), Australian radio broadcaster, comedian and TV personality
*Fifi Colston, New Zealand artist and television presenter
*Fifi D'Orsay (1904-1983), Canadian-American actress billed as "Mademoiselle Fifi"
*Fiore Buccieri (nicknamed "Fifi") (1907-1973), Chicago mobster
*Fifi Tirza, a mother of Indonesian "kepo-master", Samuel Suryawijaya.


*Federation of International Football Independents (FIFI), a football league that includes nations that are not recognized globally
**FIFI Wild Cup, alternative World Cup of Association football run by FIFI
*FiFi Awards, annual awards honoring the fragrance industry's creative achievements; sponsored by the Fragrance Foundation
*Fifi hook, a climbing aid, used to quickly connect oneself to gear and so provide a third hand
*Fifi ship wreck, a submerged shipwreck located approximately 8 kilometers east from Al-Bander resort in Bahrain
*Mount Fifi, a mountain in the Sawback Range; a mountain range of the Canadian Rockies
*Tropical Storm Fifi (disambiguation)
**Hurricane Fifi, a catastrophic storm during the 1974 Atlantic hurricane season

ee also

*Fifie, a design of sailing boat developed on the east coast of Scotland

A device made from a sock, rubberband and hand lotion in which prison inmates use to pleasure themselves.

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