655th Radar Squadron

655th Radar Squadron

The 655th Radar Squadron operated Watertown Air Force Station (AFS) located atop "Dry Hill," about 6 miles south of Watertown, New York. It was a part of the 21'st RCC (NORAD Regional Control Center) a SAGE network, located at Hancock AFB, Syracuse, New York. It was under the Air Force's Aerospace Defense Command (ADC or ADCOM). The 655th was a vital link during the Cold War, providing coverage, identification and tracking of all aircraft within its range.

This was a United States Air Force installation commanded by a Major. This site was not connected or affiliated with Fort Drum located on the opposite side of Watertown. At its latest configuration, the 655th was manned by about 130 airmen who supported or maintained or operated the FPS-27 search radar and an FPS-26 height finder, linked to NORAD by an FYQ-47 "Common Digitizer" computer.

The Watertown AFS was deactivated in the 1980's and a prison has since been built on the same grounds and even utilizes some of the same buildings.


"A1C Ruben "Radar" Rodriguez, USAF""Height Range Indicator Operator (HRIOP)""Stationed 655th RADS 1974-1976"Refimprove|date=May 2007"PilotRadar@yahoo.com Corpus Christi, TX"

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