Equity can refer to:


* Equity (law), a branch of jurisprudence in common law jurisdictions
* In many political and legal systems, a concept encompassing ideals of justice (fairness) and/or equality
* Equality, the philosophical ideal of valuing all human beings as equal to each other.
* In poker strategy, a player's expected share of the pot
* Intergenerational equity, equality and fairness in relationships between people of different ages

The term Equity is generally used when referring to the equity available from an asset, in simple terms equity is the amount of money you have tied up in an asset.

This could be the amount you own/have paid off on a house, you are then able to use the equity as collateral to borrow against, if you choose to take out a mortgage on your house then you will need to have sufficient equity to equal or be greater than the borrowing/mortgaging amount in question.

Political, Social and Psychology

* Equity theory, on the relations and perceptions of fairness in distributions of resources within social and professional situations.
* Employment equity (Canada), policy requiring or encouraging preferential treatment in employment practices for certain designated groups

Business and Economics

* Stock, common or preferred stock
* Ownership equity, the value of an ownership interest in property, including shareholders' equity in a business
* Equity investment, investment in stock. It can be done through stock market (primary or secondary market) or private placement
* Equity (economics), the study of fairness in economics
* Private equity, stock in a privately held company
* Brand equity, in marketing, the value built up in a brand


The word "equity" is also used in the names of the following organizations:

* Actors' Equity Association, Labor union of actors and stage managers in the United States.
* Equity (trade union) (formerly British Actors' Equity Association), an association in the United Kingdom
* Canadian Actors' Equity Association, an association in Canada
* Equity Office Properties Trust, a company that owns and manages office buildings in the United States
* Forum Party of Alberta, also known as the Equity Party, a defunct political party from Alberta, Canada
* Equity Bank Limited, a bank based in Kenya
* Equity Music Group, a country music record label

ee also

*Equity in income of affiliates

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