Government of Free Vietnam

Government of Free Vietnam

Provisional Government of Free Vietnam (GFVN; Vietnamese: "Chính Phủ Lâm Thời Việt Nam Tự Do") is a political organization headquartered in Garden Grove, California. On January 2, 2005, the Government of Free Vietnam's general assembly elected former General Nguyen Khanh, a former head of state of the Republic of Vietnam, as the GFVN's Chief of State.


The Government of Free Vietnam is an anti-communist paramilitary and political organization that was established on April 30, 1995, by its founder Nguyen Hoang Dan. Its headquarters are in Garden Grove, California. The organization's goal is to remove the government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, either politically or militarily.

In 1995, Nguyen Huu Chanh was chosen as the Prime Minister, General Linh Quang Vien as Vice Prime Minister, Admiral Lam Nguon Tanh as Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Nguyen Khac Chinh as the Minister of Information, Nguyen Huy Dau as Minister of Justice, Nguyen Son Ha as Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Edgar Foshee as Chairman of the International Committee, and Ngo Trong Anh as President of the advisory council.

The Government of Free Vietnam claims 6,000 members and 100,000 supporters who were trained in secret camp locations along the Vietnamese/Cambodian border. They also claim 75 chapters in Asia, Australia, and Europe. Although the GFVN prides itself on its widespread support, many argue that the GFVN never received a true mandate to represent the Vietnamese diaspora community.

They claim to have a base of operations in KC-702, a secret base along the border between Vietnam and Cambodia.Fact|date=February 2007 Some community members also do not condone the organization's political and paramilitary actions. The doubt and disassociation some have towards the GFVN was either initiated or reinforced by a fundraiser failure.

In July of 1998, 'Prime Minister' Nguyen Huu Chanh was ordered by the California Department of Corporations to cease the marketing of "gold reserve depository bearer bonds." Chanh and other members were selling gold bonds to supporters without a permit, which is illegal under Californian law. The authenticity of the bonds and their investment promises were also held suspect by the California Commissioner of Corporations, Dale E. Bonner.

In 1999, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ruled that the 'Government of Free Vietnam' had engaged in false and misleading sales tactics.In January 2, 2005, the Government of Free Vietnam's general assembly elected General Nguyen Khanh, a former head of state of the Republic of Vietnam, as the GFVN's Chief of State. Mr. Nguyen Huy Dau and Mr. Nguyen Khac Chinh, Esq. were also elected president of the Judiciary Council and the National Assembly, respectively.

Politics and Action

Political goals

The Government of Free Vietnam (GFVN) says the political goals of the organization are to:
# dismantle the Communist dictatorship of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam by a peaceful, practical and persistent approach;
# establish a free and fair elected government of Vietnam;
# establish a practical free market economic system; and
# prohibit all forms of provocation.


In 1999, Vietnamese police arrested 38 members and seized 37 kilograms of explosives in connection with a plot to bomb statues of Ho Chi Minh to disrupt national Vietnam festivals. The individuals were suspected members of the Government of Free Vietnam.

In September 2000, the Government of Free Vietnam was alleged to be involved in arson at the Vietnamese Embassy compound in London, England.

In April 2001, the Government of Free Vietnam was alleged to have caused a bomb to explode at the Vietnamese embassy in Phnom Penh, injuring a guard.

In September 2001, Philippine police charged three suspected members for allegedly plotting to bomb the Vietnamese embassy in Manila, they suspected that the Government of Free Vietnam was involved.

In October 2001, The Government of Free Vietnam gained greater attention when a member, Vo Duc Van, was arrested at John Wayne Airport (Orange County Airport) for the attempted bombing of the Vietnamese embassy in Bangkok, Thailand.

This arrest led to an outcry by the Communist Vietnamese government to pressure the United States to shutdown the Government of Free Vietnam and led to FBI investigations into Nguyen Huu Chanh and the organization, and demonstrations in support of Vo Duc Van from Vietnamese American communities.

Recently, three US citizens were arrested in Vietnam for plotting to set up an anti-communist broadcast station within the country.


The GFVN has an apparent budget of about US$1 million a year, mostly donated by Vietnamese businessmen around the world.

ee also

*Vang Pao
*Chhun Yasith - leader of the Cambodian Freedom Fighters (CFF) that was arrested in the United States for his plot to overthrow the Cambodian government under the leadership of Prime Minister Hun Sen

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