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Field of View

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Origin = JPN
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Genre = J-rock
Years_active = 1994–2002
Label = Zard Records
Columbia Records
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URL = [ Being's Official Website]
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Past_members = Jun Abe (安部 潤)
Yūya Asaoka (浅岡 雄也)
Takuto Kohashi (小橋 琢人)
Kenji Niitsu (新津 健二)
Takashi Oda (小田 孝)
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(the) Field of View (フィールド・オブ・ビュー "Fīrudo obu Byū") was a popular Japanese rock band formed in 1994 by vocalist Yūya Asaoka, guitarist Takashi Oda, keyboardist Jun Abe and drummer Takuto Kohashi, with Jun Abe leaving and Kenji Niitsu joining the following year. The group's tenure lasted until their break up in December 2002.

One of their hit singles, Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku, was used as the opening theme for the popular anime series "Dragon Ball GT".


The group was formed on February 9, 1994 when vocalist Yūya Asaoka, guitarist Takashi Oda, keyboardist Jun Abe and drummer (later bandleader) Takuto Kohashi signed up for Being's Zain Records label under the name of view. Just after the Last Goodbye EP in 1995, Abe left the group and bassist Kenji Niitsu joined. After the Truth of Love EP in 2001, "the" was added in front of the band name for later releases. The Field of View broke up one month after their November 2002 performances held in Tokyo and Osaka. In all, they released 20 singles and 9 albums.


* (1995.05.15) "「君がいたから」"
* (1995.07.24) "「突然」"
* (1995.11.13) "「Last Good-bye」"
* (1996.03.11) "「DAN DAN心魅かれてく」"
* (1996.05.20) "「ドキッ」"
* (1996.11.18) "「Dreams」'
* (1997.04.23) "「この街で君と暮らしたい」"
* (1998.05.20) "「渇いた叫び」'
* (1998.07.29) "「めぐる季節を越えて」"
* (1998.09.23) "「君を照らす太陽に」"
* (1999.03.17) "「CRASH」"
* (1999.05.19) "「青い傘で」"
* (1999.07.28) "「Still」"
* (1999.12.22) "「冬のバラード」"
* (2000.02.23) "「Beautiful day」"
* (2000.10.11) "「秋風のモノクローム」"
* (2001.02.21) "「Truth of Love」"
* (2001.05.30) "「夏の記憶」"
* (2001.07.25) "「蜃気楼」"
* (2002.07.10) "「Melody」"


* (1995.10.10) 「FIELD OF VIEW I」
* (1996.10.02) 「FIELD OF VIEW II」
* (1997.10.08) 「SINGLES COLLECTION+4」
* (1999.08.25) 「LOVELY JUBBLY」
* (2000.03.29) 「CAPSULE MONSTER」
* (2000.10.11) 「FIELD OF VIEW BEST ALBUM~fifteen colours~」
* (2002.10.09) 「Memorial BEST ~Gift of Melodies~」
* (2003.08.20) 「complete of FIELD OF VIEW at the BEING studio」


* [ Official Site]

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