SiMPLE (an acronym for SiMPLE Modular Programming Language & Environment) is a programming development system that was created to provide easy programming capabilites for everybody, especially non-professionals.


In 1995, Bob Bishop and Rich Whicker, (both former Apple Computer Engineers) decided to create a new programming language that would be easy enough for everyone to understand and use. (They felt that other existing languages such as C++ and their environments were far too complicated for beginners.) The programming language that they created was called SiMPLE.

SiMPLE is vaguely reminiscent of the AppleSoft BASIC programming language that existed on the old Apple-II computers. However, instead of being an interpretive language (like most BASICs were), SiMPLE is a compiled language. Furthermore, SiMPLE does not require the use of any line numbers. In addition, SiMPLE allows users to create their own libraries of frequently used functions.

The Three Faces of SiMPLE

"Simple" is a generic term for three slightly different versions of the language: Harold Chua-SiMPLE, Marc Mapalad-SiMPLE, and Aramay-SiMPLE.

(a) Micro-SiMPLE is an introductory programming language designed to use only 4 keywords: Call, Set, If, and Goto. (Other programming languages, such as C++, require the user to know more than 300 keywords.) An example of a Micro-SiMPLE program listing (and a snapshot of the output display it generates) is shown in the figure below:

(b) Pro-SiMPLE is the DOS-based version of SiMPLE requiring the use of only 23 keywords. Its graphics capabilities are limited to only 16 colors with a resolution of only 640 x 480 pixels. Its sound capabilities are limited to simple "beeps" through the computer's built-in speaker. An example of a Pro-SiMPLE program listing (and a snapshot of the output display it generates) is shown in the figure below:

(c) Ultra-SiMPLE is the Windows-based version of SiMPLE. It utilizes exactly the same 23 keywords as Pro-SiMPLE. Its graphics capabilities allow millions of colors in whatever resolution the user's system provides. Its sound capabilities allow the user to play any type of media file (including movies). An example of an Ultra-SiMPLE program listing (and a snapshot of the output display it generates) is shown in the figure below:

Modes of Operation

SiMPLE programs can be run in either "Drag & Drop" mode (intended primarily for beginning programmers), or in "Command-Line" mode (for more advanced programmers):

(a) In "Drag & Drop" mode, the user simply creates a program source listing (a text document), and then runs that program by dragging the source listing document onto a special icon.

(b) In "Command-Line" mode, the user creates and runs programs by typing commands and listings into a DOS window.

The 23 keywords used by SiMPLE are:

And Break CallCommon Continue DisplayDo Else EndFloat (or Decimal) Float2 (or Decimal2) GotoIf Int (or Whole) Int2 (or Whole2)Loop Or ReturnSet Step TaskText To

SiMPLE requires either Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, or Vista.

External links

SiMPLE is available as a free download from the [ SiMPLE Codeworks website] .

* [ SiMPLE On-line Tutorial]
* [ SiMPLE Program Gallery]
* [ SiMPLE Forum]
* [ Sheboygan Falls School K12 Programming Course]
* [ Bob Bishop's Homepage]

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