Bib-Mousse is a Tire mousse made by French tire manufacturer Michelin. The Bib-Mousse was named after Michelin's well-known mascot, Bibendumfact|date=February 2008.

Construction and Use

A Bib-Mousse is a foam insert that can replace conventional inner tubes in off road motorcycle tires. It is a ring of butyl honeycomb foam with its cells filled with nitrogenfact|date=February 2008. It has a smooth-molded outer skin that is designed to slip into specific size off-road motorcycle tiresfact|date=February 2008.
Bib-Mousse have a considerable advantage over normal inner-tubes, as they do not and cannot be punctured or burst. There are many advantages and disadvantages of this type of product; one of the disadvantages is their considerable cost compared to standard inner tubesfact|date=February 2008.
They can be used in Enduro and Motocrossfact|date=February 2008.

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