Brenda Ferns

Brenda Ferns

Infobox soap character
series=Coronation Street
name = Brenda Ferns
portrayer = Julia Deakin

residence =
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children = Neil Ferns
grandchildren = Bethany Platt

Brenda Fearns was a fictional character on the soap opera Coronation Street and appear on the show in 2003 and the beginning of 2004. She was played by Julia Deakin.

Character's background

Brenda was the mother of Neil Fearns, the school boy who got Sarah-Louise Platt pregnant at the age of 13, and the father of Bethany Platt. Brenda did not play any part in Bethany's life until her son died in a car accident in September 2003.

Brenda first appeared on the show during Neil's funeral, where Sarah took Bethany so later on as she got older Sarah could give her some information about him. Brenda, with nothing left in the world, latched on to Bethany as she was the only thing of Neil's she had left and Sarah, who was estranged from her mother at the time, was gretful for all of Brenda's help until she began to tell Bethany that Sarah would no longer love her when she gave birth to her and Todd's child. Sarah was furious and refused to let Brenda see her grandduaghter which led to her to kidnap Bethany from nursey and take her to a church roof where Brenda planned to commit suicide so she could once again be reunited with her son. Emily Bishop was the one who encouraged her not to go through with it and eventually she came to her senses. She was last seen leaving the show praying in the back of an ambulance.

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