Greenwood (surname)

Greenwood (surname)

Greenwood is an English surname, believed to be derived from the Greenwood or Greenwode settlement near Heptonstall in the metropolitan district of Calderdale in West Yorkshire. It was the homestead of Wyomarus de Greenwode, believed to be the principal ancestor of English Greenwoods. [cite book
last = Greenwood
first = Frederick
title = Greenwood genealogies, 1154-1914 : the ancestry and descendants of Thomas Greenwood of Newton Massachusetts, Nathaniel and Samuel Greenwood of Boston, Massachusetts, John Greenwood of Virginia, and many later arrivals in America, also the early history of the Greenwoods in England, and the arms they used.
publisher = The Lyons Genealogical Company
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People with the surname Greenwood

* Al Greenwood (born 1951), American keyboard player
* Anthony Greenwood, Baron Greenwood (1911-1982), English politician
* Arthur Greenwood (1880-1954), British politician
* Arthur H. Greenwood (1880-1963), American politician
* Bob Greenwood (1928-1994), Mexican Major League Baseball player
* Bobby Greenwood (b.1938), American professional golfer (former PGA Tour Player)
* Bruce Greenwood (born 1956), Canadian film actor
* Caleb Greenwood, trapper, guide, and early pioneer of the American West
* Charlotte Greenwood (1890-1977), American actress
* Chester Greenwood (1858-1937), American inventor of earmuffs
* Clarence Greenwood alias Citizen Cope, American musician
* Colin Greenwood (born 1969), British bassist for Radiohead
* Dick Greenwood (born 1940), English rugby footballer
* Doctor Greenwood (1860 - 1951), Blackburn Rovers and England international footballer
* Don Greenwood, co-creator of the board game "Age of Renaissance"
* Ed Greenwood (born 1959), Canadian library clerk, inventor of the "Forgotten Realms" "Dungeons & Dragons" campaign setting
* Frederick Greenwood (1830-1909), English journalist
* Greenwood LeFlore (1800-1865), an American Indian, Chief of the Choctaw tribe
* Harry Greenwood (1881-1948), English soldier, recipient of the Victoria Cross
* Ivor Greenwood (1926-1976), Australian Senator and Attorney General (1971, 1972, and 1975)
* James C. Greenwood (born 1951), American politician from the state of Pennsylvania
* Joan Greenwood (1921-1987), British actress
* John Greenwood (died 1593), English Puritan and Separatist
* John Greenwood (1760-1819), George Washington's dentist, the "Father of Modern Dentistry" and Revolutionary War patriot
* John Greenwood (died 1851), a pioneer of omnibus services in England
* John Greenwood, pseudonym of John Buxton Hilton, British crime writer
* John DH Greenwood (1889-1975), English film score composer
* Jonny Greenwood (born 1971), English guitarist for Radiohead
* Joseph Greenwood (d. 1861), New Zealand politician and soldier
* Kathy Greenwood (born 1962), Canadian comedienne
* Kerry Greenwood, Australian author of the Phryne Fisher mystery series
* Lee Greenwood (born 1942), American singer and composer
* Major Greenwood (1880–1949), English epidemiologist and statistician
* Morlon Greenwood (born 1978), American footballer
* Ron Greenwood (1921-2006), manager of the English national football team
* Ross Greenwood (footballer) (1985–), English footballer
* Ross Greenwood (journalist) (19??–), Australian journalist
* Walter Greenwood (1903-1974), English novelist
* Will Greenwood (born 1972), English rugby footballer, son of Dick Greenwood


* David Greenwood, a character from J. G. Ballard's "Super-Cannes"
* Deputy Clayton Thaddeus Greenwood, a regular cast character from the television show "Gunsmoke"


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