Utility Relay Company

Utility Relay Company

Utility Relay Company (Chagrin Falls, Ohio, USA) manufactures programmable protective relays for power distribution systems. The relays, commonly referred to as trip units, are applied on both AC and DC air frame power distribution circuit breakers.

Main products

[http://www.utilityrelay.com/prod01.htm AC-PRO] trip units are provided as part of a complete "retrofit kit" for 600V class air circuit breakers. The retrofit kits are designed to replace aging electro-mechanical overcurrent trip devices, thermal magnetic releases, oil dashpots, and older style electronic trip units on these circuit breakers to provide more accurate and reliable overcurrent and fault (short circuit) protection.

[http://www.utilityrelay.com/prod02.htm ZERO-Hertz] trip units are also provided as part of a complete retrofit kits for DC air circuit breakers. Applications for DC circuit breakers are specialized and can vary greatly in their applications - some of which include:
#Large industrial overhead cranes (DC powered).
#Variable speed rolling mill motors.
#Nuclear power plant back-up power systems.
#Large DC marine propulsion systems.
#Traction power for light rail transit systems.

[http://www.utilityrelay.com/controlled_power_corp_rep.htm HI-SPEED] trip unit is a specialized DC relay designed specifically for Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) FBK-H HI-SPEED circuit breakers. These circuit breaker are suitable for DC systems up to 1000VDC continuous and typically used in either traction power substations or used in conjunction with GE/Toshiba Silco variable speed drives.

Founding members

The company was founded by Helmut Weiher and Drew Binder


[http://www.utilityrelay.com/wh100_pic.htm WEATHERHEAD 100]

Company affiliations

[http://www.netaworld.org InterNational Electrical Testing Association] [http://www.pearl1.org PEARL - Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League] [http://www.ieee.org IEEE]

External links

* [http://www.utilityrelay.com www.utilityrelay.com]

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