Bald (disambiguation)

Bald (disambiguation)

Bald may refer to:


In media:

*Bald!, a documentary on baldness
*"Bald" (film), a 2005 by Blake Leibel
*The Bald Soprano, a play
*The Bald Truth, a weekly talk radio show
*"The Bald and the Beautiful", 6th episode of season three of the television sitcom Married... with Children.

In places:

*Appalachian balds, a type of mountain summit in the Appalachian Mountains of the Eastern United States.

*Bald Head Island, North Carolina, on which rests:
**Bald Head Lighthouse
*Bald Hill, Australia
*Bald Hills, Queensland
*Bald Knob, Arkansas
*Bald Knob, West Virginia
*Bald Knob Cross
*Bald Mountain:
**Bald Mountain (Idaho)
**Bald Mountain Recreation Area, Michigan
**Bald Mountain (Troy, New York)
**Bald Mountain (Utah), the site of:
***Bald Mountain Pass
*Bald Nap, Newfoundland
*Bald Point, Florida
**Bald Point State Park
*Bald River, Tennessee
*Bald Rock National Park, Australia
*Big Bald Mountain, Georgia

In animals:

*Bald Eagle, for other uses of the name:
**Bald Eagle (disambiguation)
*Bald Uakari
*Bald-faced hornet
*Northern Bald Ibis
*Southern Bald Ibis

In people:

*Charles the Bald (823-877)
*Alphege the Bald (died 951)
*Bolesław II the Bald (1220-1278)
*Prokop the Great (1380-1434), who was known as Prokop the Bald
*Owen the Bald, king of Strathclyde
*Agent 47, from hitman games
*Jerry Holkins, writer of Penny Arcade (webcomic)
* David Masterson, Master of Nothing


*Bald Knobbers
*Bald Archy Prize
*Bald arch

ee also

*Night on Bald Mountain

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