John Scholz

John Scholz

Dr. John T. Scholz is the Francis Eppes Distinguished Professor of Political Science and a Courtesy Professor of Law at Florida State University. As the first political scientist to formulate the "regulation game," [J.T. Scholz, "Cooperation, Deterence and the Ecology of Regulatory Enforcement" (1984) 18 Law & Soc. Rev. 179; J.T. Scholz, "Voluntary Compliance and Regulatory Enforcement" (1984) 6 Law & Pol. 385.] which was later extended in influential work on responsive regulation by John Braithwaite and Ian Ayres. [Ian Ayres paper noting the significant of John Scholz's research --] , he is widely regarded as one of the leading political scientists addressing regulatory enforcement. His publications [John T. Scholoz's CV --] have analyzed government regulatory policies from the federal to the local level involving issues of occupational safety and health, water pollution, and taxation, focusing in particular on enforcement and compliance issues. His research analyzes the problems of developing and maintaining cooperative solutions to collective action problems, emphasizing the role of policy networks, private partnerships, and collaborative government programs in resolving collective problems. He is a coauthor of "Taxpayer Compliance: An Agenda for Research - A National Academy of Sciences Report" (with Jeffrey A. Roth and Ann Dryden Witte), Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1989, and his most recent book is "Adaptive Governance and Water Conflict" (editor, with Bruce Stiftel), published in 2006 with Resources for the Future.



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