Banks (surname)

Banks (surname)

Banks is a surname, and may refer to:

* Aidan Banks, bass guitarist
* Alvin Banks, Congressional Staffer
* Ant Banks, rapper
* Antonio Banks, American wrestler
* Brad Banks, American football player
* Briana Banks, American pornographic actress
* Carl Banks, American football player
* Carolyn Banks, American novelist
* Chip Banks, American football player
* Chris Banks, Canadian poet
* Darryl Banks, comics artist
* David Banks (born 1951), British actor
* Denis Banks, Australian rules footballer
* Dennis Banks (born 1932), Native American politician and writer
* Doug Banks, American radio personality
* Edgar James Banks (1866–1945), U.S. archeologist
* Edward Banks (1903-1988), British naturalist and museum curator
* Edward Banks (disambiguation)
* Elizabeth Banks, American actress
* Ernie Banks (born 1931), U.S. baseball player
* George Banks, American convicted murderer
* George Linnaeus Banks, British writer
* Mrs G Linnaeus Banks, Isabella Varley Banks, British novelist, wife of the above.
* Gordon Banks (born 1937), British footballer
* Gordon Banks (politician), British politician
* Hal C. Banks, Canadian labour leader
* Henry Banks, American racing driver
* Iain Banks (born 1954), Scottish novelist
* Isabella Varley Banks, Mrs. G. Linnaeus Banks, British novelist
* James Arthur Banks, (1897-1967), British civil engineer
* John Banks (New Zealand) (born 1946), mayor of Auckland, New Zealand
* Jonathan Banks (born 1947), U.S. actor
* Johnathon Banks (born 1982), American boxer
* Sir Joseph Banks (1743–1820), English naturalist
* Leslie Banks, British actor and director
* Leslie Esdaile Banks, American novelist
* Lionel Banks, cinematic art director
* Lloyd Banks, American rapper
* Marcus Banks, American basketball player
* Maud Banks, American tennis player
* Mike Banks, techno musician
* Monty Banks
* Morwenna Banks
* Michael A. Banks, American science fiction writer
* Nancy Banks-Smith, British television critic
* Nathan Banks, American entomologist
* Nathaniel Prentice Banks, American politician
* Nick Banks
* Omari Banks
* Paul Banks, American singer and guitarist
* Peter Banks
* Robert Banks (filmmaker) (Robert C. Banks, Jr.) (born 1966), U.S. filmmaker
* Robert Banks (chemist)
* Robin Banks, radio DJ and TV presenter in the UK
* Rosemary Banks
* Russell Banks
* Sean Banks
* Sonny Banks
* Steve Banks, English footballer
* Steve Banks (musician),
* Steven Banks
* Thomas Banks (1735–1805), English sculptor
* Tom Banks
* Tom Banks (football player)
* Tommy Banks (born 1936), Canadian musician and politician
* Tony Banks, Baron Stratford (1943-2006), British Labour politician
* Tony Banks (musician) (born 1950), British songwriter and musician
* Tony Banks (quarterback)
* Tyra Banks (born 1973), American Supermodel
* Willie Banks, American track athlete
* Willie Banks, baseball player

Fictional characters

* Alan Banks, fictional character from Peter Robinson
* Clifford Banks, fictional character from "Murder One" (TV series)
* Rosie M. Banks, fictional character from P. G. Wodehouse
* Tom Banks (EastEnders), fictional character from "EastEnders"

Fictional families

*The Banks are a fictional family from the television series "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"
*Name of a family of Hobbits in the works of J. R. R. Tolkien
*The Banks family in the Mary Poppins series of children's books by P. L. Travers, and the film and musical based upon them

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