Boon is an archaic English word meaning a prayer or a request, most commonly preserved in the phrase "to grant a boon". Boon is also a common Chinese name derived from the Chinese Character 'Wen', meaning honest and kind. It is a name most commonly found in Hokkien Families, and Chinese from South China."Boon" may refer to:

* Boon Township, Warrick County, Indiana
* Boon Township, Michigan
* Boon Lake Township, Minnesota

*Clint Boon, musician and member of indie rock group the Inspiral Carpets
*D. Boon, guitarist and lead singer of the punk rock group The Minutemen
*Dany Boon, French comedian
*David Boon, Tasmanian cricketer
*Ed Boon, co-creator of "Mortal Kombat"
*Jaak Boon, Belgian television writer
*Louis Paul Boon, Flemish novelist
*Ronnie Boon, Welsh international rugby player
*Boon Gould, Lead guitarist of Level 42

Boon may also refer to:
*Boon language, a nearly extinct East Cushitic language
*Boon (TV series), a British television series starring Michael Elphick
*Boon (brewery), a Belgian brewery
*Marukibi Boon, an Osamu Tezuka stock character.
*Boon (fashion magazine), a Japanese fashion magazine
*Boon, a character in "Black Water", the fifth book in "The Pendragon Adventure" series by D. J. MacHale

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