Computer-Aided Design Technical Committee

Computer-Aided Design Technical Committee

The Computer-Aided Design Technical Committee (more commonly known as CANDE, for Computer-Aided Network DEsign) is a Technical Committee of IEEE Circuits and Systems Society(IEEE-CAS), one of the many societies that comprise the IEEE.

The purpose of CANDE is to promote research and best practices in the development and use of computer-aided design software in the design and test of microelectronic circuits and systems.


The main activities of CANDE are:

  • CANDE sponsors, co-sponsors, and technically participates in conferences, workshops and symposia in the field of electronic design automation.
  • CANDE holds a workshop on EDA once a year. Attendance is by invitation only.
  • CANDE provides IEEE-CAS with proposals for computer-aided design projects.
  • CANDE advises IEEE-CAS on appointments in the relevant fields.

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IEEE Council on Electronic Design Automation

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