The Beatles outtakes

The Beatles outtakes

The Beatles takes and early versions of songs that have been released are still collectables. Some are very common releases such as "The Beatles Anthology". The studio sessions which have been taped when The Beatles were rehearsing are found at EMI Studios. Some are never released, others are bootlegged.

The Beatles Anthology (Official releases)

The Beatles Anthology is the most popular release of the studio sessions of The Beatles. It also includes live performances, TV footage, early demos, a DVD and book release. The Beatles Anthology comes in 5 releases:
*The Beatles Anthology 1
*The Beatles Anthology 2
*The Beatles Anthology 3
*The Beatles Anthology DVD
*The Beatles Anthology Book

The Beatles Anthology (bootlegs)

Bootleggers took it upon themselves to issue many more volumes of the Anthology series, each containing a wide array of unreleased tracks. (Naturally, a number of songs are repeated across these various fake "volumes.")These bootlegs include:
*The Beatles Anthology Plus
*The Beatles Anthology More
*The Beatles Anthology Extra
*The Beatles Anthology 2000
*The Beatles Let It Be Anthology
*The Beatles Get Back Anthology
*The Beatles Anthology 4
*The Beatles Anthology 5
*The Beatles Anthology 6
*The Beatles Anthology Outtakes 1
*The Beatles Anthology Outtakes 2
*The Beatles Anthology Outtakes 3
*The Beatles Anthology Demos
*The Beatles Anthology Mixes
*John Lennon Anthology
*Paul McCartney Anthology
*George Harrison Anthology
*Ringo Starr Anthology

Unreleased studio sessions

Phillips Sound Recording Service

*In Spite of All the Danger (complete 3:25)

The Quarrymen demos

*One After 909 (with Mike McCartney) (complete 1:42)
*Well,Darling (complete 5:11)
*When I'm 64
*Winston's Walk
*Ask Me Why
*Spoken Lennon nonsense with radio

Please Please Me Sessions

*Ask Me Why (takes 1-5)
*Tip of My Tongue
*A Taste of Honey (takes 1-4)
*Do You Want to Know a Secret (takes 1-5)
*Misery (takes 9-10)
*Anna (Go to Him) (takes 1-2)
*Baby It's You (takes 1-2)
*Misery (takes 12-15 overdub)
*Baby It's You (take 4 overdub)
*Baby It's You (take 6 overdub)
*Thank You Girl (takes 14-28, harmonica onto takes 6+13 takes 17, 20-21 and 23)

McCartney demos 1964

*A World Without Love
*It's for You

A Hard Day's Night Sessions

*You Can't Do That (takes 1-5)
*You Can't Do That (takes 7-9)
*And I Love Her (take 1)
*You Can't Do That (take 6 overdub)
*I'll Be Back (take 1)
*I'll Be Back (take 4-15)
*It's for You (demo)
*Slow Down (overdub)

Beatles for Sale Sessions

*Baby's in Black (takes 1-13)
*Baby's in Black (edit pieces)
*Mr. Moonlight (take 3)
*Every Little Thing (takes 1-3)
*I Don't Want to Spoil the Party (takes 1-18)
*What You're Doing (takes 1-6)
*Every Little Thing (takes 5-8)
*What You're Doing (takes 8-10)
*What You're Doing (take 12)
*No Reply (take 1)
*No Reply (takes 3-7)
*Eight Days a Week (take 3)
*Eight Days a Week (take 6-12)
*I Feel Fine (strumming between takes)
*She's a Woman (take 5)
*Eight Days a Week (Take 14 intro edited)
*Mr. Moonlight (takes 5-7)
*I Feel Fine (takes 3-4)
*I Feel Fine (takes 7-8)
*I'll Follow the Sun (takes 1-7)
*Words of Love (take 1)
*Honey Don't (take 1-4)
*What You're Doing (remake) (takes 13-18)

Help! Sessions

*Ticket to Ride (take 1)
*Ticket to Ride (unused overdubs)
*Another Girl (edit pieces)
*I Need You (takes 1-4)
*Yes It Is (takes 11-13)
*The Night Before (take 1)
*You Like Me Too Much (takes 1-7)
*You've Got to Hide Your Love Away (takes 3-4)
*You've Got to Hide Your Love Away (takes 6-8)
*If You've Got Troubles (mono)
*Tell Me What You See (takes 1-3)
*You're Gonna Lose That Girl (takes 1-2)
*That Means a Lot (4 rehearsals)
*That Means a Lot (take 2)
*That Means a Lot (take 22)
*Dizzy Miss Lizzy (takes 1-2)
*Bad Boy (takes 1-2)
*Dizzy Miss Lizzy (takes 3-6)
*I've Just Seen a Face (takes 1-5)
*It's Only Love (take 1)
*It's Only Love (take 4)
*It's Only Love (take 5)
*Act Naturally (takes 1-12)
*Wait (takes 1-3)
*Wait (mono)

Rubber Soul Sessions

*Drive My Car (takes 1-4)
*Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (takes 1-4)
*You Won't See Me (takes 1-2)
*Nowhere man (takes 1-2, 3-5)
*Think For Yourself (take 1 plus overdubs)
*The Word (takes 1-3)
*Michelle (takes 1-2)
*What Goes On (takes 1 plus overdubs)
*Girl (takes 1-2)
*I'm Looking Through You (takes 1-4)
*In My Life (takes 1-3)
*Wait (takes 1-4)
*If I Needed Someone (take 1 plus overdubs)
*Run for Your Life (takes 1-5)

Revolver Sessions

*Taxman (takes 1-12)
*Eleanor Rigby (takes 1-15)
*I'm Only Sleeping (takes 1-13)
*Love You To (takes 1-7)
*Here, There and Everywhere (takes 1-14)
*Yellow Submarine (takes 1-5)
*She Said, She Said (takes 1-4)
*Good Day Sunshine (takes 1-3)
*And Your Bird Can Sing (takes 1-13)
*For No One (takes 1-14)
*Doctor Robert (takes 1-7)
*I Want to Tell You (takes 1-4)
*Got To Get You Into My Life (takes 1-11)
*Tomorrow Never Knows (takes 1-3)

Sgt. Pepper Sessions

*Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (takes 1-10)
*With a Little Help From My Friends (takes 1-11)
*Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (takes 1-8)
*Getting Better (takes 1-15)
*Fixing a Hole (takes 1-3)
*She's Leaving Home (takes 1-10)
*Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite (takes 1-9)
*Within You Without You (takes 1-?)
*When I'm Sixty-Four (takes 1-9)
*Lovely Rita (takes 1-11)
*Good Morning Good Morning (takes 1-11)
*Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) (takes 1-9)
*A Day In The Life (takes 1-7)

Magical Mystery Tour Sessions

*Magical Mystery Tour (takes 1-9)
*The Fool On The Hill (takes 1-4, remake takes 1-6)
*Flying (takes 1-8)
*Blue Jay Way (takes 1-3)
*Your Mother Should Know (takes 1-7, 20-30, 50-52)
*I Am The Walrus (takes 1-17, 18-24)
*Hello Goodbye (takes 1-22)
*Strawberry Fields Forever (takes 1, 2-4, 5-6, 7)
*Penny Lane (takes 1-9)
*Baby You're a Rich Man (takes 1-12)
*All You Need Is Love (takes 1-33, 58)

White Album Sessions

*Back in the U.S.S.R. (takes 1-6)
*Dear Prudence (take 1 with various overdubs)
*Glass Onion (takes 1-34)
*Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (takes 1-7, remake takes 1-13, 20-21, 22-23)
*Wild Honey Pie (take 1)
*The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill (takes 1-3 plus various overdubs)
*While My Guitar Gently Weeps (takes 1, remake takes 1-16, 17-44)
*Happiness Is a Warm Gun (takes 1-70)
*Martha My Dear (take 1 plus various overdubs)
*I'm So Tired (takes 1-14)
*Blackbird (takes 1-19, remake takes 1-13)
*Piggies (takes 1-12)
*Rocky Raccoon (takes 1-10)
*Don't Pass Me By (takes 1-7)
*Why Don't We Do It In The Road? (takes 1-6)
*I Will (takes 1-68)
*Julia (takes 1-3)
*Birthday (takes 1-22)
*Yer Blues (takes 1-17)
*Mother Nature's Son (takes 1-26)
*Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey (takes 1-12)
*Sexy Sadie (takes 1-21, 25-47, 100-107, 113-117)
*Helter Skelter (takes 1-3, remake takes 1-21)
*Long Long Long (takes 1-67)
*Revolution 1 (takes 1-13, 14-18, 19)
*Honey Pie (take 1)
*Savoy Truffle (take 1)
*Cry Baby Cry (takes 1-13)
*Can You Take Me Back (improvisation during take 19 of "I Will")
*Revolution 9 (takes 1-2)
*Good Night (takes 1-5, 6-15, 34)

Yellow Submarine Sessions

*Only a Northern Song (takes 1-12)
*All Together Now (takes 1-9)
*Hey Bulldog (takes 1-10)
*It's All Too Much (outtakes, takes 1-2)

Get Back Sessions

*No take numbers since they were not formal Studio Recording sessions, but rehearsals filmed for Let It Be
*Only songs not listed in the "Let It Be" sessions below, are listed here
*Some songs were released on later Beatles or Solo recordings
*Cover versions of songs by other artists are not included here

Original songs:
*Adagio For Strings
*Another Day
*Back Seat of My Car
*Because I Know You Love Me So
*Early In the Morning
*Enoch Powell
*Every Night
*Give Me some Truth
*Golden Slumbers
*Hear Me Lord
*Her Majesty
*Hot As Sun
*I Want You (She's So Heavy)
*I'll Wait Till Tomorrow
*Isn't It a Pity
*Just Fun
*La Penina
*Let It Down
*Little Yellow Pills
*Lonely Sea
*Lost John
*Octopus's Garden
*On The Road To Marrakesh
*Polythene Pam
*Song of Love
*Step Inside Love
*Sun King
*Taking a Trip to Carolina
*Teddy Boy
*The Day I Went Back To School
*The Palace of the King of the Birds
*The River Rhine
*There You Are Eddie
*Thinking of Linking
*Through a London Window
*Too Bad About Sorrows
*Watching Rainbows
*William Smith Boogie
*Window, Window
*You Know My Name

Let It Be Sessions

(Note that this album was put together from the above "Get Back" Sessions, and thus some of the songs do not have formal take numbers)

*Two of Us (takes ?)
*Dig a Pony (takes ?)
*I Me Mine (takes 1-16)
*Dig It (takes ?)
*Let It Be (takes ?)
*Maggie Mae (takes ?)
*I've Got a Feeling (takes ?)
*One After 909 (takes ?)
*The Long and Winding Road (takes ?)
*For You Blue (takes ?)
*Get Back (takes ?)

Abbey Road Sessions

*Come Together (takes 1-9)
*Something (takes 1-13, remake takes 1-36, 37)
*Maxwell's Silver Hammer (takes 1-21, 22-27)
*Oh! Darling (takes 1-26)
*Octopus's Garden (takes 1-32)
*I Want You (She's So Heavy) (takes 1-35)
*Here Comes The Sun (takes 1-15)
*Because (takes 1-25)
*You Never Give Me Your Money (takes 1-36, 37-42)
*Sun King / Mean Mr. Mustard (takes 1-35)
*Polythene Pam (takes 1-40)
*Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight (takes 1-15, 16-17)
*The End (takes 1-7)
*Her Majesty (takes 1-3)


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