Lite-C is a programming language for multimedia applications and computer games, with a syntax similar to the C programming language. Its main difference to C is the native implementation of computer game related objects like sounds, images, movies, GUI elements, 2D and 3D models, collision detection and rigid body physics. Lite-C executables are compiled instead of interpreted. Lite-C runs on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows XP or Vista operating systems.

For being easily accessible to non-programmers, the lite-C package contains a simple 24-lesson workshop that especially deals with the game and multimedia related objects of the language.

Lite-C supports the Windows API and the Component Object Model (COM); therefore OpenGL and DirectX programs can directly be written in lite-C. It has integrated the free A7 rendering engine.


The following lite-C program opens a 3D window and displays a spinning sphere

void main(){ level_load(""); // open an empty level ENTITY* sphere = ent_create("sphere.mdl",vector(0,0,0),NULL); // create sphere model at position (0,0,0) while(1) { sphere->pan += 1; // rotate the sphere with 1 degree per frame wait(1); // wait one frame


Lite-C has the following differences to standard C:

* Native multitasking support
* On the fly compiling
* Supports external classes (OpenGL, DirectX, Windows API)
* Implementation of the A7 rendering engine
* Function set for display/manipulation of 3D models
* Function set for rigid body physics
* Function set for vector and matrix functions
* Function set for GUI objects
* Function set for playing sound and movie files
* Native support of DirectX 9 functions
* Small footprint - ca. 15 MB with compiler, IDE, debugger

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